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  • Aberrant Questions

    1) Multitasking questions:

    1.1) How the levels of Multitasking affects the Mega-Edge? Reading the book I don't find anything related to the Mega-Edge level, only to Mega-Cunning or Mega-Dexterity levels.

    1.2) Another question about Multitasking: the Enhancement bonus is applied to each action or distributed between the actions?

    2) How Digital Manipulation interacts with Telecommunication? What the normal range of Digital Manipulation?

    3) I am creating a Nova character with a power to create complex things (if you watch Boku No Hero, it's the Momo Yaoyozoru power), how I replicate this? In the Aberrant 1ed existed the Matter Creation power, but in the 2ed only have the Transmutation power. My first solution is applying a Power Tag allowing the Transmutation Power to create complex things.

    4) Each dot of Elemental Mastery quantum power gives a Technique? Or each technique must be brought as a Power Tag?

    5) The Durability Mega-Edge says: “One dot of Durability grants the nova durability Scale 1 Armor with a rating of Quantum/2 (rounded up)…” this Armor Rating is Soft Armor?

    6) Quantum Agent questions:

    6.1) How define the Primary and Secondary range of actions?

    6.2) The agents created are all the same or each use can be a different Agent?

    6.3) What means the “Power Level” trait?

    6.4) Using the Multiple Power Tag, you can create all agents in the same round or you create only one (or a limited number based in Quantum or Power Dots)?

    6.5) When buying Powers, how handle with pre-requisites, in specific, Quantum Rating?

    7) Novas with Mega-Presence can be more than 3 dots of Fame? If not, what happens to this “excess” of fame dots? (I house ruled: “Every fame dot earned with Mega Attendance above 3 dots is converted into Followers dot.”)

    8) About the Blinding and Deafening Power Tags, what the duration of this effects?

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    My readings:

    1.1) They don’t. Probably it was left after a change in the rules.
    1.2) They are free to be used in any of the actions. But I would limit 1 per action, personally.
    2) It allows to connect to computers in distance and connect to wireless connections (as far as I got it). The range is not informed.
    3) You are probably right.
    4) Elemental Mastery is transformed in the main technique.
    5) Should be, but it was never properly explained, and also increase the Soft Armor to unbeatable levels quite fast.
    6.1) Pick a single theme or a few related things according to the theme, like close combat, or tracking, or protection, it’s subjective in a kind of way.
    6.2) They are always the same (the same stats at least).
    6.3) Power level should be power rating, the dots in the power as I understand. But follow the table not the description.
    6.4) At once, I understand as created at the same time, not hold active at same time.
    6.5) I would treat the Power dots as quantum for that.
    7) I would say no. You should pick different arenas to apply fame, let’s say 3 dots in politics and 2 in show business.
    8) Tricky question. My guess would be until the target overcome it, same way as Non-Letal, but restricted to vision or hearing. 4 complications would make you blind / deaf. But blinding by covering the eyes with web or blinding by a flashlight should need different rolls.


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      I have a few questions too, that were probably covered in the material, but I couldn't find conclusive answers.

      1- how are mega attribute dice rolled? Do they add to an attributes pool or replace them?

      2- do novas still have an increased metabolism and have to eat three times as much as a baseline (or more)?


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        Originally posted by Lysdexic View Post
        I have a few questions too, that were probably covered in the material, but I couldn't find conclusive answers.

        1- how are mega attribute dice rolled? Do they add to an attributes pool or replace them?

        2- do novas still have an increased metabolism and have to eat three times as much as a baseline (or more)?

        1) Mega attributes do not add dice. They give you scale for the actions specified in each mega attribute.


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          Originally posted by Lysdexic View Post
          2- do novas still have an increased metabolism and have to eat three times as much as a baseline (or more)?
          I guess a dev would have to answer that, but since most of them seem kinda busy lately, I'll give my best guess from the text.

          Slider references having a nova metabolism in some of the fiction (related to alcohol but it would make sense to apply to everything), but there's no other description of that in the text and nothing about eruption headaches either. My guess is that the food thing still exists, but they just didn't have the wordcount. I'm not sure about eruption headaches because the description of adrenocilan seems like it's just a dangerous addictive drug that some novas abuse to get extra powers. But it's just a draft right now.

          I mean, keep in mind, there's still a nova professional wrestling league and still a Hunter S. Thompson knockoff reporter, too. They were mentioned a lot in 1e's core, not addressed at all in 2e's core, but they've been confirmed as upcoming things we'll be getting. So there might be som mention of nova metabolism in one of the extra documents.


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            Thanks for the answers


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              Eruption headaches are no more. Basically the node don’t exist any more and the MR Coils are in every cell of the Novas body.

              The metabolism is not mention at all, but I would say a Nova does need more food. At same time, they can feed on quantum, not all can survive only by quantum, but if one can survive the others can probably power up on quantum, so it’s possibly removed too.
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                I was thinking about Attunement. Does a Nova with the Teleport power needs Attunement to not lose its clothes when teleporting? As I was reading the Edge, it explains 1 object per dot, so we may think it would be something the character could carry or wield, but I was reading the Eufiber and it says it is explicity needed for clothing not needing to Attune and to not suffer effects of the power.

                So, if a nova doesn't have attuned his own clothing when using Teleport, he/she would lose the clothes? And if the nova with the Imposing tag when using Teleport in another character without attuning their clothing or if the target does not have eufiber, does them teleports without clothes?

                This is really confusing, because I think what makes sense is for the nova not needing to attune clothes or negligible itens, only more relevant equipment.


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                  It’s definitely up to you and your group.

                  My way to deal is: Clothes, even heavy ones, count always as 1 object, as well as any little thing in the pockets (all the dirty and coins and even credit cards on a very thin wallet), if not attuned to the clothes, you are naked, or you set your clothes on fire, or whatever.

                  you need to attune to objects that have a significant mass, for example a big wallet, guns, tools, Swiss Army Knife, your phone, etc.


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                    To my mind a nova's quantum field extends slightly above their body, just enough to cover clothes and things in their pockets automatically. If they want more then that they need Attunement, but at base level one doesn't go naked when using their powers.


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                      Yeah, the book could be more specific or should have written "what we think about and what you could do about it".

                      If clothes are like Size 0 object, now imagine a superhero that has a "teleport punch" and the person teleports naked :P what a troll... I think it could be recipe for disaster. xD