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    So, as I recall in 1e Clears were jump pilots, but in the descriptions of Tessers in 2e indicates that Upeo are required to make the jump. Does anyone know if this is an intentional change? It wouldn't seem to conform to the time line, since the Jump Ships were produced while the Upon were away to give the orders a way to cross stellar distances without them. But, maybe I've missed something.

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    The jumpships don’t require a Upeo for jump.

    Aeon, page 307
    First, the psion must use clairsentience, augmented by the ARES pod, to visualize the destination. The Tesser reads this intent through the noetic link and instantly al- ters the Leviathan’s wavefunction via tremendous subquantum energies. In a process that mimics the powers of an interstellar teleporter, the ship then vanishes from its current location in space and reap- pears at the destination.
    Edit: it must be a Psion with Clairsentience and using an ARES.
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      A ship equipped with a Tesser normally uses a clairsentient pilot to operate it. However, as per the text on p. 297, a secondary effect of a Tesser is that it allows a teleporter formatted to the ship to move the whole thing with Transmit Person at no extra cost.

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        Ah, I see. That makes sense now. I was reading that secondary effect on p. 297 as the primary effect. Thanks.