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Anyone made their own TC: Aberrant characters for fun?

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  • Anyone made their own TC: Aberrant characters for fun?

    And would anyone like to share?

    Or is everyone waiting for an updated manuscript?

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    Although not an proper characters, I tried more than a few different power sets with the 150 XP as a test on how powerful you can be... I may post a few of the power sets tomorrow if you are interested.

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      While I built a bunch of half-thought character builds when the kickstarter was going on my mindset is now to wait till any sort of update happens as there were many elements in the kickstarter given rules that I think needed looking over. That said, I would totally be interesting in reading what other ideas that others might have come up with.


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        I'm actually playing in a game using the current incomplete and unfinished rules right now. There have been a few wrinkles to iron out, but we're having a lot of fun with it. If I get a chance sometime when I'm not just about to head to bed, I'll post my character.
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          Using the manuscript I went back and tried to convert npcs from an older game to the new system to see what would and would not work anymore. I'd say conversion based on the current data leaves any such character at about 75-80% and that's ignoring the removal of the allies and contacts backgrounds to incorporate them into paths.


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            I've been running Aberrant for my wife basically every day for over a month, so yep, have made a few characters. I also made a little easy NPC stat block formatter to write up NPCs without having to push a lot of arrow keys to navigate a template. (You'll need the full Trinity Core rules to really use that, by the way, which is the only reason I put it up publicly.)


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              So, here's my character. Note that she has far too many Tags on most of the powers in her Power Suite. That's due to confusion over how Power Suites work on the part of one of the other players at the start of the game. We only realized this about six games in, and, rather than force him to gut his character, we just allowed everyone else to benefit from his mistake.

              Sadhbh O'Sé, a.k.a. Traveler
              Concept: nomadic adventurer
              Before her eruption, Sadhbh climbed mountains just to prove she could do it. She was the third baseline to cross Antarctica solo. She made a living as a search and rescue helicopter pilot over the Atlantic near her hometown of Daingean Uí Cúihs (a.k.a. Dingle) in the far west of Ireland. Sadhbh's up for anything dangerous that pushes her physical and mental limits. It's when things are really hitting the fan that she feels most alive.

              After her eruption, she was recruited to join the new Team 2Day, whose mandate was to find new novas as soon after their eruption as possible and bring them to a Rashoud facility to help them deal with their new abilities. It's been a heck of a ride since then.

              * Origin: adventurer (Chaim Aronian, extreme adventures travel agent, influential)
              * Role: pilot (Grant Roth, best lawyer in London, influential)
              * Society: Daedalus League (Nithya Agarwahl, astrophysicist, informant)

              Force: Intellect 3, Might 2, Presence 2
              Finesse: Cunning 3 (1M), Dexterity 3, Manipulation 1
              Resilience: Resolve 5 (1M), Stamina 3 (1M), Composure 3

              Skills: Aim 1, Athletics 3 (parkour), Empathy 1, Enigmas 1, Integrity 2, Medicine 2, Pilot 2
              Skill Tricks: Athletics (no barrier)

              Edges: Direction Sense 1, Hardy 1, Tough Cookie 2, Fame 1, Breath Control 1, Keen Senses (sight) 1, Free Running 2, Wealth 1, Eufiber 5 (everybody in the group got this for free), Dormancy 1, Microgravity Training 1

              Mega-Edges: Detect Spacetime Topology (medium range), Ultraperipheral Perception, Technique 4 (Spacetime Mastery)

              Spacetime Mastery 4
              * Quantum Anima 4 (Scale 3, grab), Duration 1 (Maintenance), Reduced Cost 2
              * Quantum Field 4 (Scale 4, Rating 2, Complete, Environmental 2, Soft 2), Impervious 1, Reduced Cost 2
              * Remote Perception 4, Subtle 2, Duration 1 (Maintenance), Reduced Cost 4
              * Warp 2 (Clear, Impose), Duration 1 (Maintenance), Reduced Cost 4
              * Flight 4, Subtle 2, Reduced Cost 4

              Quantum 4 (30 Quantum Points)
              Transcendence 1
              Virtue: Hope (we used the optional Determination system)

              With the ability to power stunt variations of Warp with different Scales and ranges, this character surprised me with her versatility and ability to punch well above her weight. Our campaign wrapped up yesterday, and I'm going to miss Sadhbh. She was a blast to play, and I really liked the system despite all of the wrinkles and warts inherent to its unfinished state.
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                What does "detect spacetime topology" represent


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                  Originally posted by Lysdexic View Post
                  What does "detect spacetime topology" represent
                  It's a house-ruled sense based loosely off of the Spectrum Vision Mega-Edge. It allows the character to sense the warping of spacetime caused by matter. She can generally assess the mass of objects, detect things distorting spacetime as they move, tell the rough shape of objects, and so on. It works beyond sight, and it isn't affected by intervening matter unless said matter sufficiently warps spacetime to the point that other, lesser, masses are drowned out.


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                    I like it. Consider it yoinked


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                      Born into the slums of the British midlands, Eric spent much of his early life running with gangs of unemployed young people while bouncing between several jobs in the gig econemy. After being picked up for a minor theft by the police, Eric was offered a chance of doing national service instead of spending time at a young offenders institute.

                      The national service provided a lot of the structure the young man was missing in his life and upon finishing his service he signed up to serve as a border protection officer with the british border force. While serving with with the border force he was responsible for taking part in many raid on the homes of illegal migrants, seeing the poor conditions that the migrants lived in and the prejustice they encountered amoungst the general population. slowly he turned against the policies of the british government and started doing what he could legally to help those he encountered. It was during one of these raids that everything changed. an accident during entry to one of these homes resulted in a gas mains explosion. With the building collapsing around him he spied a woman and her child caught in the burning rubble. he pushed on to rescue them but his body had reached it's limits. with the injuried couple just beyond reach he pushed himself to go further, willing his body to go that little bit further. in that instant he felt a strength fill him and he pushed beyond the his physical limits lifting the rubble that covered the casualties and carrying them from the burning wreckage.

                      Afterwards the whole debacle was laid at his feet and he was quickly drummed from the service. At an loose end and realising that he could now genuinely help people, he contact Project Utopia and was offered a possition possition as a member of Team 2Morrow. With his powers granting him vast strength, resilience and dexterity for a short duration, he was not suitable for a protracted stand up fight and was instead offered the possition as an auxilary, brought in to cover absences and gaps in the ranks of Team 2Morrow Europe. He spends the rest of his time engaged in local politics to try and bring change to the UK and challenge it's isolation, making him something of a celebrity in his own country.

                      This was has also made him a target of the current Tory government, meaning he has had to turn elsewhere for employment. The British Governments loss was Project Utopia's gain and he was soon signed to Team 2morrow Europe. Now, he spends his time between the Utopia headquarters in europe and his home in Derbyshire, all the time under growing scrutiny by his own government.

                      Name: Eric Pendleton Aka "Overdrive"
                      Concept: Able to overcharge his metabolism for short periods of time

                      Short-term goal:
                      Long-term goal: Push to change the UK's isolationist policies.

                      Origin Path: Street Rat (raise in a deprived community, worked in the gig economy)
                      Role Path: Combat Specialist (Was a border protection agent before erupting)
                      Society Path: Project Uptopia (Team 2Morrow Europe)
                      Additional Paths:

                      Aim: 1 Athletics: 3 Close Combat: 3 Command: 1 Empathy: 1 Enigmas: 1 Integrity: 2 Larceny: 2 Medicine: 1 Persuasion: 2 Technology: 1

                      Intellect 2 Might 5 Presence 3
                      Cunning 2 Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2
                      Resolve 2 Stamina 5 Composure 3

                      Adrenelin Spike 2 Tough Cookie 2 Wealth 2 Fame 2 Eufibre 2

                      Quantum 3

                      Quantum powers
                      Boost (Might) 3 Tag (Extra Attribute: Dexterity) Tag (Extra Attribute: Stamina)
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