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How would you make Sin-Eater with Aberrant 1st Edition?

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  • How would you make Sin-Eater with Aberrant 1st Edition?

    Sin-Eater, an NPC introduced in Aberrant: Teragen, has some fascinating powers, vaguely mentioned, but never stated up.

    How would you stat her up using Aberrant 1st Edition?

    Here are the quoted sections describing her powers & their use. If I've missed anything, please feel free to update me.

    Teragen, pg 25:
    "Powers: Sin-Eater has limited control of others' forms and quantum. Baseline opponents can be toyed with like clay, but nova opponents fear her because of her control over the stuff that makes them novas. She can absorb quantum and taint and reshape a nova's body, to the point of erasing physical and mental aberrations, or channel it into him to cause drastic (and possibly deadly) increases in suck problems. These effects are only temporary, however.
    "Suddenly she coursed with dark power and sent it flowing into her assailants. She watched as they screamed and pleased, while their bodies warped into forms so monstrous that their organs burst."
    "Taint was unacceptable for media darlings, and she began absorbing excess taint for a very high price. She could never permanently cure the starlets of their aberrations, but that only guaranteed they would come back."

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    In Teragen Book, page 125, there is the Aberration Transfer power that is basically Sin-Eater signature power over others Aberrations.

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      They keep waffling back and forth on whether or not she was actually moving taint around as opposed to simply temporarily transferring aberrations to herself and shuffling them to others. The flavor text seemed to point to her straight up absorbing points of temporary taint and suppressing aberrations, which always made me wonder why she wasn't ridiculously overpowered what with the way Chrysalis worked.