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Defining Scale for ease of play

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  • Defining Scale for ease of play

    So far I have played one Aberrant 2e game using the kickstarter manuscript and the main issue I found is that while the kickstarter manuscript makes an attempt to categorize scale into 7 categories, its not enough to ease actual play. We constantly had to keep referring to powers or mega attributes as most of the time scale represents one or more non-defined subcategories of scale.

    So I propose a table which lists the categories and their potential subcategories. This is to give the players an easy way to view when their scale does and doesn't apply without constantly referring to the books.

    I have used to initial 7 categories from the kickstarter manuscript but added an additional one for Precision as the subcategories of grace/balance/fine motor control don't fit within the already defined 7.
    • Durability: Armor, Fortitude [Resist Fatigue / Hunger / Pain / Sleep / etc.]
    • Leadership: Presence, Manipulation
    • Might: Lift, Jump, Move, Damage
    • Mental: Intellect
    • Power: Usually applies one of the other scale categories to a specific quantum power
    • Precision: Acrobatics, Complex Movement
    • Size: Positive (large), Negative (small)
    • Speed: Initiative, Movement, Time
    I'd appreciate any feedback and if I missed a sub category out there as I am working on a customized character sheet to implement these for faster/easy play when scale applies.
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    I like your approach, but I don’t know if Dexterity is the missing one. Honestly I didn’t have a real session to test the system, so my opinion is purely theoretical.

    I would add a Precision Scale, working in the opposite direction of Size, so a super precise would be capable of hitting the smallest objects with less difficulty. That would cover the aspect of Dexterity that Speed don’t cover, including realising complex movements with precision.

    Acrobatics is about speed most of the mime, but also to Might and precision, but in the end speed is about Might, the power need to accelerate fast enough, and Might is basically power applied in a controlled material way. Big engineering discussion... but that’s the way I would divide it.


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      Precision is definitely a better descriptor... I'll use that moving forward.


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        Bump for love of this idea. That sort of table would make play sooooo much easier. Character creation as well, since people would understand what they were buying more. I ended up making a phantom Appearance/Mega-Appearance stat for my game both to get the point across that all three social skills have a combined effect on how people perceive you (so appearance became the average of those stats + Striking if you have it), and then had to come up with a Scale description for those with phantom "mega-appearance".

        It was hard to suss out what Scale really translated to and I ended up with a kludge of "more appearance dots" so people could get the differences in Scale. Somewhere in the book is said something about each level of scale effectively being a double of the level below it (I think referencing Strength?), so Mega-App 1 added 5 dots of appearance, 2 added another 10, 3 another 20, and so on. It....sort of works? More examples of social (and other) Scales would really help!


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          Adding dice or dots in not the point of Scale. It add successes that worth much more, let’s say each enhancement worth about 3 dice, so MApp 1 worth 6 extra dice if you are thinking this way, it it’s not the point of scale, but still. If you want to use MApp, each dot in it would be like Striking, but stacking, so MApp1 is remarkably beautiful, not inhuman but barely impossible to reach, MApp2 is beyond what is possible for humans, it’s a victory in any beauty contest even when in the audience or in the judge, and MApp 3+ is instalove permalove to anyone that look.

          Now a quick about why not using Mega Appearance. First think, appearance is a matter of taste, I like women, preference for thin and not tall, but I have a friend that likes big women, with big bellies and all, and I have several friends that are gay, and don’t think on a woman appearance on the same way as I do, more about the clothes and the personality that make them beautiful. Saying a Appearance 5 person enters the room is as dubious as can be.

          Now let’s talk about the 3 social attributes. They are a better way to deal with it, as I see at least.
          Presence is what you want from appearance, it’s the impact the person have on first contact, but not only on physical appearance, it’s cover the way the person approach others.
          Manipulation is barely the same as before, but also includes the more discreet details of physical appearance, like a smile or a certain way the person act to convince others during a talk.
          Than there is Composure, that is the last and more difficult to describe, it’s about long term relationship, being cool on social situations and winning an argument after hours of discussion. The physical appearance of a person with high composure is long lasting, it’s not about the makeup or the hair done properly, it’s about how you look in the next morning.
          Even a person with a different preferences it tastes will notice a person with this attributes the same way, a BBW will call everyone’s attention on the moment she entres the room if she has high Presence, even if you don’t see her as a beauty or have any sexual attraction, that’s the idea.

          In the end it’s your game, so I am just defending my point of view here.


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            Would you use might or maybe make a category for potency/virulence for drugs and disease?


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              Originally posted by Fuzzykuma View Post
              Would you use might or maybe make a category for potency/virulence for drugs and disease?
              Honestly, indirect damage and diseases have their own scale in a certain way. The capacity of causing multiple injuries in a single shot, or the capacity of killing before causing all the injuries. They don’t need scale to work, they just work nice.