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Building a bigger Terat

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  • Building a bigger Terat

    I look at the Aberrant building rules for the God Titan Terats, let me see if I understand this correctly

    1/ dice pools, got it

    2/ scale 4+ for Durability, power, Size means that the Terat can be larger or tougher, or better at a power, getting an additional 2 enhancements. So... if the Terat has Durability 2 does that mean that it lists 2 more successes to hit and cause damage?, kinda like adding 2 soft armor? Size 2 is bigger and more damage?

    3/ Defence 5, got it, but it means that you need at least 6 successes with an attack plus enhancements to even try to cause damage? Ouch.

    4/ Enhancements 4+, I assume that when you factor in other powers like blast, or scale the enhancements will come naturally, or is this extra?

    5/ Qualities, this is where Terats become more Godlike, getting armor, blasts with 8 tags, the power to regenerate ( in addition to armor and defence), unstoppable can add even more size changing a size scale Terat from 2 to 4 and offer 4 enhancements to damage?

    6/ Mutations: this is where I feel that Aberrant becomes more like Exalted, create mutants with direct corruption, drop a Psion in one blow with incapacitate, change the air to poison gas with Tyrant of the battlefield, come back from the dead with Quantum wind, begin an alien Invasion with Warp. This looks like real world shattering power.

    7/ Corruption, more defence, or Qualities, or mutations.

    Terats seem tough, after looking at the whole picture, can a group of new Psions even take one on or are the likely to get crushed?

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    2: pretty much what you said, but you can for example get those 4 scales and put 2 in Durability and 2 in Power. The Aberrant gain 4 enhancements on attack and can cause up to 4 injuries with one attack (usual + crit + 1 per scale) and the deference jumps from 5 to 9 (+4 from scale in Durability). Didn’t even talk abou Qualities and Mutations...

    4: You can have this 4 enhancements distributed among different uses or pileup on any single use, up to you. Think about it as an equipment enhancement to an specific action.

    5 and 6: Qualities are raw power and mutation give utilities and versatility. It’s a nice way to make it easier to build without the aberrant complete rules.

    7: it’s about pure versatility. Like the powers the characters didn’t think the Aberrant has. It also powerup mutations and can be analog to Momentum.

    You probably need a Psi 6 Psion on a VARG and maybe a bunch of others to be able to hit the Aberrant often, and you need to hit him very often if you want to win. Give him regeneration and you need 20 rounds of orbital strike to take him down.
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