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Good books for the setting? (Aberrant)

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  • Good books for the setting? (Aberrant)

    I've been wondering about Aberrant. What good books are there for the setting? I"m talking about the Novas, how people react to them. How they react to their new circumstance. And how institutions and governments react to superpowered people.

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    Inspirational books, or books within the Aberrant line specifically?

    Can't go wrong with the new corebook as a starting place. Also depends on how you feel about dipping into the scans of the 1e books.

    Raksha are my fae-vorite.

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      If the completed Aberrant setting book is anything like the previous one, the sheer amount of setting text reacting to the presence of novas would be more than adequate to get you into the game. Some complained about how much there was at the beginning of the book, but I thought it was interesting to read. If you were looking for other literature to try there's another thread with suggestions somewhere on the forum.