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    I definitely can imagine the way Stalwarts would work with Superior-esque rules. Add a Inspiration rating to allow them to overclock themselves (in the best Maxing Out rules, effect that was blocked from superiors to give no chance of gaining taint). Maybe limit the number of dots a Stalwart have in their powers to ½ Inspiration or to a facet (less probable)

    For Mesmerists I would keep the same idea as Psiads, but exchange Psi for Inspiration and limit all the modes. Probably make the base powers buyable by themselves and make the 1 and 2 dots available for theirs that have enough inspiration. Limit the Attunement Range and other effects to a lower level comparing to Psiad, possibly 1 Psi equal to 3 Inspiration. That means I would make a Superior Power stile for mesmerists, using the lower dots of the modes as reference.

    What do you think? Any different approach?

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    I don’t think Mesmerists will have Modes. Ala 1e, they’ll have a genre appropriate power list. We see a hint of this in the Psiad chapter of the Aexpansion, where it references how S.K. was the only of her kind with the Qk inherent powers, though some individuals had weaker versions of the same effects, but over time the Qk inherent powers became universal - it’s talking about the transition from Mesmerists to Psiads.

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      I'm not a fan of Mesmerists having Modes.

      That said, yeah I see a lot of potentials in how Supwriors work to how the inspired do. Like dot powers and prerequisites and such.

      I hope that basic powers juat work but that its only the advanced powers that need points to be spent.


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        I would not make modes per se, but maybe use the idea of Forte from Superiors, dividing in Biological, Cognitive and Physical Powers with some Powers related to those themes coming from the first few dots. A 5dot power would be close to a 3 dots mode, but not all of them would be this powerful, most would range from 1dot to 3 dots, like superior powers.


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          How I'd like to see TC:A! do things:

          Overall, I'd like to see three kinds of Inspired using one set of rules, which at the very least uses the Talents in TC as a starting point. The most minimal approach would be that Mesmerists, Stalwarts, and Daredevils are all Inspired, differing from each other only in the kinds of Gifts they get: Daredevils get Luck Gifts and Aptitude Gifts; Stalwarts get Dynamic Gifts; and Mesmerists get Psychic Gifts. There could be some further differentiation between the three types; but if so, it should be fairly minor. I'll get into some possibilities for each later in in this post.

          I'm all for the idea of Mesmerists getting Psychic Gifts that are grouped into categories along the same lines as Modes, or at least Aptitudes. I'm also OK with the idea that a given Mesmerist might favor one or two of those categories over the others; but I'm also OK if they don't. I don't think the specific lists of Psychic Gifts needs to conform to the specific powers granted by Modes in TC:Æ.

          If Mesmerists have something unique to them, Is like it to be the synergy between different Aptitudes (along the lines of Combining Powers and Combining With Other Psions Or Psiads, Æon Æxpansion p.88). And if such a capability is introduced, I wouldn't mind seeing it benefit from the Reflective Facet in some way: not anything too major, as I wouldn't want to make the Reflective Facet become something that all Mesmerists must have; but of the three Facets, the Reflective Facet does seem to be the most in tune with how mesmerists operate.

          That said, I don't consider this to be a reasonable alternative to having access to Dramatic Editing: Mesmerists ought to be able to engage in Dramatic Editing, too, though they should perhaps have a less effective version of it (see below for more on this). And again, I'd be perfectly fine if mesmerists don't have a unique benefit that daredevils and stalwarts lack. In fact, given that psiads aren't as good at combining their powers as psions are, I think that it would be perfectly appropriate if mesmerists were even less capable in that regard, possibly to the extent that they have no appreciable synergistic benefits. (Reminder: synergy referred to combining several things in a way where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.)

          I could see Dynamic Gifts working like Superior powers from Æon Æxpansion, with stalwarts differing from Superiors only in that they have Inspiration on top of their Dynamic Gifts. That, and the lists of Dynamic Gifts don't necessarily have to match up one-to-one with Superior powers. But the general idea behind Superior powers (that is, they're inverse focused, centered on enhancing the character's innate capabilities rather than influencing the world around the character) works perfectly for Dynamic Gifts as well.

          If stalwarts get some sort of special ability, overclocking their Gifts would be appropriate. If something like this is included, If be inclined to somehow tie it to the Destructive Facet — but like my suggestion of tying a mesmerist's synergy to the Reflective Facet, this should be a minor influence that doesn't demand that all stalwarts invest in the Destructive Facet: there are thematic links between stalwarts and what the Destructive Facet represents (Intention over Luck or Skill), but these shouldn't be taken to a level that designing a stalwart without a Destructive Facet is a dumb move.

          Conversely, there are reasons why stalwarts probably shouldn't have overclocking: in TC:Ab, overclocking is innately tied to Quantum Flux and Transcendence — the tendency of a Nova to mutate into something that's arguably inhuman. This is not part of the stalwart experience; so if overclocking isn't included in TC:A!'s stalwarts, I won't mind.

          And as with the suggested mesmerist special ability, I don't see overclocking as a reasonable alternative to Dramatic Editing. Again, more on this below.

          Daredevils are almost entirely covered by the Talent rules found in TC. I'd give them a third category of Gifts that corresponds to the Destructive Facet and Intention the same way that Luck Gifts correspond to the Intuitive Facet and Luck and the way that Aptitude Gifts correspond to the Reflective Facet and Skill. That said, that “third category” might merely be a case of splitting the Aptitude Gifts in TC into two, with skill-based Aptitude Gifts staying where they are and the attribute-based ones getting recategorized into the new Intention-themed category.

          If mesmerists and stalwarts get special capabilities, then the daredevils should have a special affinity with Dramatic Editing. It doesn't mean that they should have exclusive access to it; Dramatic Editing represents a genre convention that's part and parcel of the pulp adventures that TC:A! was inspired by, and the equivalent of stalwarts and mesmerists in the source material definitely had their share of convenient coincidences. But I could see daredevils being better at it than everyone else. I see two possibilities here:

          1. Everyone in the game (including daredevils) can access Dramatic Editing through the use of Momentum, but daredevils are the only ones who can access it using Inspiration. Some thought would need to be put into what the Momentum costs for Dramatic Editing should be like, and/or to what extent Momentum-based Dramatic Editing can make changes: Momentum-based edits might cost twice as much Momentum as it would cost Inspiration, and/or you might not even be allowed to conduct the third or even the second level of Dramatic Editing through Momentum.

          2. All of the Inspired have access to the Dramatic Editing rules found in TC, but Daredevils have access to a superior version. This is one of the few ideas from the Trinity Universe d20 books that I liked: Improved Dramatic Editing, where a given character could get a discount on a particular class of Dramatic Edits based on his, well, class. In TC:A!, this would translate to your Origin and/or Role Path being used to justify a possible price break on Dramatic Editing: if you can justify a particular Edit as resonating with your Path, you can roll your Intuitive Facet to reduce the cost of the Edit by one. This can make it free.

          That said, I'd also be perfectly fine with daredevils working exactly like Talents do in the core book.


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            It jumps out to me that there are two strong contenders on how to do Mesmerists and Stalwarts. Possibility 1 is to use the example of Superiors and don’t give them a power or fuel stat, balancing the powers they can buy accordingly. This plays up how for the Stalwarts and Mesmerists, there is no growth beyond this state (at least without another transformative empowering evolutionary jump). Future individuals may activate as Psiads and Novas with room to expand in power, but for these individuals, their nature and tier is static.

            The second option is to treat them as divergent evolution from Talents that later evolve into completely separate things. They use the same mechanical framework as Talents with Facets and Inspiration, but just have different Gifts.

            The latter option will mean weaker purchasable powers than the first option, but access to Dramatic Editing, and play up how evolution isn’t a straight line from weaker to stronger, but a branching path of divergent adaptations from common ancestry.
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              I think Mesmerists will have simplified powers compared to Psiads and Modes. It could be interesting if they were like what you would get if you mixed a Psiad with a Talent.

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                I don’t think they will make Mesmerists and Stalwarts without Inspiration rating, but the lacking for Superiors also surprised me.
                The approach from what are Stalwarts and Mesmerists is really complex, and there were several main discussions about it before.

                If you put them as Talents that are evolving to Novas and Psiads, or at least a point in between them, than you have access to DE for all, but at same time, the entire idea of Talents as a third source user becomes a bit crushed (unless we get some new explanations).

                My vote would go for a option where each of the types is unique branch (or at least no mix and Mach once the gene kick in). a Stalwart is a not fully evolved Nova, not capable yet of the external control over quantum, but enough to powerup himself with no risk of taint. A Mesmerist is a not fully evolved Psiad, not capable of reaching the high levels of power others can, but yet essentially Psi user.

                Yet... they should use a common ground for the 3, as they are not too far from baseline human, as a Talent that can use Biotech and Q-Tech (very limited use), they are so low powered that the quantum used by a Stalwart can still interact with the Psi of a Mesmerist in a non destructive or non repellent way. Basically they are all Inspiration.

                About the powers being variations of Gifts, I doubt, even in 1e Daredevils were the different ones, with one level of Knacks and a different way to deal with it (more about narrative than about real powers). I believe the powers form Stalwarts and Mesmerists will be closer to Superior Powers (and so Edges) than to Gifts (I personally would call Superior Edges and not Superior Powers, much like the Enhanced Edges, Inspired Edges and Nova Edges).


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                  One more element of my take: the justification. You know how the Æon era started with a noetic Event and the Nova era started with a Quantum Event?, Well, the Hammersmith Event wasn't an undifferentiated Event; it was focused on parachronics. The result is the Inspired: all three kinds of Inspired contain a dose of Talent-like influence. Stalwarts are naturally occurring Superiors with a Talent-like upgrade (i.e., Inspiration and access to Dramatic Editing); mesmerists are “first generation” psiads with a Talent-like upgrade (same); and daredevils are Talents with possibly a bit more juice (the aforementioned “improved Dramatic Editing”? Again, I wouldn't give them improved Dramatic Editing unless stalwarts and mesmerists also get a little something extra each beyond their Gift counterparts).

                  Put another way, the Adventure! era is awash in parachronic (Telluric?) energies in the same way that the Nova era got bathed in Quantum energies and the Æon era got drenched in noetic energies, thus putting Talents and Dramatic Editing front and center.

                  As for Gifts vs. Edges: it's largely a matter of semantics. In terms of game systems, I envision what I've been calling Psychic and Dynamic Gifts working the same way that Mega-Edges and Superior Powers do, with dot ratings to distinguish different degrees of capability (and without the “ladder of abilities” structure that Aptitudes and Modes have in TC:Æ). So in terms of how they would work, I don't think we have any disagreement. Our main disagreement, if you will, lies in what they should be called. I like calling them Gifts to emphasis their role as counterparts to the Luck/Aptitude(/Intention?) Gifts of the daredevils (and “psychic gift” has a lot of precedent in the source material). And it has the advantage that the rules can talk about “Gifts” instead of having to talk about “Gifts and Psychic/Dynamic Edges” when referring to the special abilities that the Inspired can develop.
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                    I don’t know if Hammersmith was focused on Talents. As I see, Talents are the easiest ones to erupt, “anything” can erupt them, probably because how close they are from regular people. Bhurano event in 2104 erupted Talents and Psiads, for example, and I would say that the number of Talents also increased after N-day. So I guess they would erupt no matter what kind of source is used.


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                      I don't know if it was, either. My post was in the context of my take on how TC:A! should be done, not a declaration of established Canon.

                      I'm saying that a Talent-focused event could be used to explain why everyone empowered in the Adventure era has features that in later eras are unique to Talents (i.e., Inspiration and Dramatic Editing); and if you want to give stalwarts and mesmerists a little something extra (as precursors to what their later-era counterparts get), it can also explain why this era's daredevils could have a little something extra, too (despite later-era Talents not getting it).


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                        Do you think the Hammersmith Event was an accident, or do you think it was caused by someone else the way the other two big Events were?

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                          Originally posted by Penelope View Post
                          Do you think the Hammersmith Event was an accident, or do you think it was caused by someone else the way the other two big Events were?
                          As far as 1e tell us, it was an accident for sure. It was intended to be an engine that run on teluric energy that overflow somehow and exploded. The other experiments were intentional but I don’t know if they caused any direct deaths, and for sure the guys causing it had far more experience than Hammersmith on the workings of the “teluric” energies.
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                            I hope we get new Allegiances this edition

                            - La Revolte Eclatante’s history should have them existing in the era

                            - masked mystery men would be a appropriate

                            - scientists who have had a vision of the future and are dedicated to stopping certain avenues of weapons research

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                              I wonder if telluric energy is the same thing as what they call Flux in the new Aeon book.

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