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[Aberrant, I think?] Who is the character in this picture?

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  • [Aberrant, I think?] Who is the character in this picture?

    The top picture, the character with the red cape. Is that a known character or someone new? I'd seen a little of the head and collar before and thought maybe they were Geryon in an armored form, but now I have no idea.

    Speaking of Geryon, assuming this isn't him, is there any picture of him anywhere except the monochrome headshot in Aberrant core? All I've gotten about him is that he has no neck. There's also the guy that Core is fighting on the corner, who has a similar head, but I've always assumed that was Superbeast.

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    The Gothic Knight. New York City defender, iirc. Was around in 1e but not hugely detailed.

    Geryon is the person fighting Core on the right side of the 1e Aberrant cover. He’s scattered throughout the Teragen book, in the background on p.133, fourth from the left on p.38, and a couple of headshot pictures on p.57.
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      Yep, the Gothic Knight. He's most directly Aberrant's version of Batman, with a dash of characters like Spawn. On the cover of the Aberrant 1e core rulebook, the Gothic Knight is the silhouette at the top right, right next to the T. On the 1e Storyteller Screen, he's right in the middle of the left-most (rear) panel (the same illustration in b&w is in the core on p. 98). In the Aberrant Player's Guide, you can see him on p. 79, mentioned on p. 160, and he appears again on p. 162 as the 4th-rated city defender.

      As for Geryon, he is indeed the bulky guy fighting Core on the 1e cover. You can see him off to the left of the Lincoln Memorial fight on p. 87. He's seen lifting a car in Teragen p. 17, he's the guy with the giant arm in the Last Supper illustration on p. 38, two different illos on p. 57, hurling concrete on p. 88, that might be him on p. 105, posing on p. 133. In Worldwide Phase I, he's being blasted on p. 137, and then in Worldwide Phase II he shows up for some smashing on p. 124. He's featured in the Nippontai comic on page 149 of the Aberrant Players Guide.

      That should cover about 90%+ of each of their respective illustrations currently available.

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        Wow, thanks for the comprehensive info! I've got to go back and check my books with those page numbers in mind.