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  • Trinity Continuum: Wolfenstein edition.

    Come on, I can't seriously be the only one who has thought about it, right? I mean, the wolfenstein universe is practically screaming to be adapted to the trinity continuum.

    Now, this is something I've been considering for quite some time. The main reason why I've waited till now is because I wanted to check the aeon expansion first. Here's the thing, I have no problem fitting talents within the setting, but Novas and Psions are way too powerful. I'm not saying that you can't use them, it's just that I feel that introducing them would change the setting too much. However, psiads and superiors are perfect because they have the right amount of power to make an impact but not so much that they decide the whole conflict.

    My intention is merely to give a series of suggestions and let you guys build from there. Please tell me what you think.

    I'm following the wolfenstein timeline of the recent games (New order, New colossus, and Youngblood) which I will use to further divide it in three different timelines based on divergent points. (Organizations will be described after the timelines) (Most of the information obtained for this project was obtained form the wolfenstein wiki)

    First Alternative Timeline: The Allied raid at the beginning of new order is a success.

    Prolonging the war, through an unknown source, the Nazis have managed to develop and implement new technologies of extremely advanced levels, enabling them to rapidly turn the tide against the Allies. On the verge of complete Nazi global domination, on July 1946, agent William "B.J." Blazkowicz, accompanied by a commando unit, takes part in a massive Allied raid against a massive fortress on the coast of the Baltic Sea, reported to be the hideout of and weapons laboratory run by his arch nemesis, General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. In the original timeline the Allied raid failed and Blazkowick was rendered comatose after an ambush with "Deathshead".
    However, in this new timeline Blazkowicz and his team managed to evade Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse ambush, retrieve valuable Intel about how the Nazis got their advanced technology, and destroy the fortress with all its valuable prototypes. This dealt a devastating blow to the Nazi war machine which had to postpone their final attack on the Allies as the secrets for many of the advanced tech that they used to win in the original timeline was the result of Deathead's research in the fortress. That said, one battle alone does not decide an entire war and the Nazis had another card under their sleeve...their own version of the hammersmith machine obtained in one of the vaults of the Da'at Yichud.
    In the original timeline the Nazis didn't use the machine because general "Deathshead" considered it too esoteric to be useful (In reality, it was way too advanced for him but he didn't want to admit it) so it was thrown away in some forgotten warehouse never to be used again. However, in the new timeline the Nazis panicked and put pressure on "Deathshead" who decided to reevaluate old projects to try and scrap any advantage they could get. That's when he found the machine and, although it was still too advanced to properly understand it, "Deathshead" figured out how to at least turn it on. So, he decided to take it to the largest prisoner camps they had and started to experiment with it.
    The office of secret actions took notice of "Deathshead"'s new project and decided that regardless of the real value of the machine, "Deathshead" had to be stopped at any cost in case he found that would deliver the final defeat to the allies. They assembled a commando with Blazkowicz as the leader and sent them to infiltrate the prisoner camp with the help of the Kreisau Circle. Their objective was to sabotage the project and, if possible, capture or assassinate "Deathshead" once and for all. The initial infiltration was a success but once inside the camp they were detected just when they were about to arrive at the secret lab with the machine. A confrontation between Blazkowicz and "Deathshead" resulted in the destruction of the machine.
    The explosion bathed everyone in a 10 mile radius with pure telluric energy resulting in the creation of several talents, superiors and psiads instantly. The rest of the energy dispersed in the atmosphere where it would change more people all over the world during the next years. Blazkowicz became a powerful talent (although taking into account his abilities in the game one could argue that he was already one), "Deathshead" became a superior, and Caroline Becker (leader of the Kreisau circle) became a psiad. The chaos in the camp was absolute, Blazkowicz and Caroline Becker used it to escape with as many of the enhanced prisioners as they could, while "Deathshead" escaped with a wicked smile in his face, he had managed to finally create a "true" master race.
    Both the Allies and the Nazis have tried, with relative levels of success, to recreate the machine to create more supermen. Their research resulted in inferior versions that could only create one at a time once a month and they couldn't even control what type came out. However, they had another way to get more: recruitment. Just like the hammersmith event, the telluric energy propagated all over the world resulting in the natural appearance of more supermen. The allies rushed to convince as many as they could to join their cause while contrast the nazis bribed, blackmailed, captured or killed those who didn't join them.
    Fast forward to 1950 and the whole conflict has changed dramatically thanks to presence of these new supermen. "Deathshead" staged a coup in Berlin killing Hitler and establishing himself as the new leader of the third Reich. With his superior abilities which significantly increased his intellect, "Deathshead" proved to be a hundred times more dangerous than Hitler. Under his rule, he finished conquering Europe, the north of Africa and a good chunk of Rusia and the Middle East. His success was thanks to his "√úbermenschen" battalions and the fact that the Nazis still had the technological advantage. It was only through the heroic efforts of the Kreisau circle, the allies and other resistance groups that his advance was slow down.
    The Allies had to play on the defensive till they finally managed to catch up to the Nazis in terms of tech level, which they only managed to do when the Da'at Yichud finally decided to help them. However that didn't meant that they did nothing else. In the meantime, the allied powers did their best to use guerrilla warfare and support the resistance as much as possible while in secret they created an alliance between many north american and south american states to prepare a massive assault on the African coast. The final assault was about to begin.

    This timeline is intended to have epic war stories with supersoldiers.

    Second Timeline: The hammersmith event happens at the end of the new order.

    In this timeline, the destruction of "Deathshead" fortress at the end of the new order also destroyed the secret machine he found so many years ago and which he had just managed to turn on. This period is intended to be a more gritty and dark setting where the supermen are hunted and experimented. Imagine a mix between the french resistance during world war 2 and the x-men.
    (More information later)

    Third Timeline: The hammersmith event happens at the end of Youngblood.

    In this timeline, the plan of the general (SPOILERS) was not to raise Paris. Instead, he planned to use the hammersmith machine create a new race of "√úbermenschen" that could either find a solution to the rapidly deteriorating ecosystem or to at least be strong enough to survive in the new world. The twins defeat the general but the battle destroys the machine causing it to explode in Paris with the usual effect. Fast forward into the future and the world has become a cyberpunk dystopia in which massive city-states have isolated themselves from the world while the people outside must survive and ecological apocalypse.
    The idea of this timeline is a mix between blade runner and mad max.
    (More information later)


    Office of Secret Actions (OSA): The Office of Secret Actions is a joint venture between Britain and America, created to pursue clandestine operations behind enemy lines, but more nations join as the conflict drags on. Information flows in from their agents in the field, and contacts within the resistance movements of German-occupied Europe. The OSA chases down these threads of intelligence, trying to figure out what the Nazis are planning next. (More information later)

    The Kreisau Circle: It is one of the most active resistances groups against the Nazi regime in europe. Later they evolve into a network that connects several resistance organizations.(More information later)

    The Da'at Yichud: It is an ancient Jewish mystical secret society that has designed and created inventions centuries ahead of contemporary times. Their practices are based on pure reason and are described as a way of understanding God through knowledge and natural law rather than, according to Set Roth, "supernatural bupkis". Their creations never had a purpose beyond the act of creation and were nothing more than a method of communing with God. As such, they were never intended to be used, no matter how powerful they are. (More information later)

    The Special Weapons and Paranormal Division: This organization is almost another state within the third reich. This Division is responsible for the research and development of the most cutting edge Nazi tech. However, it's armed department is also responsible for retrieving Da'at Yichud tech and capturing supermen. (More information later)
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    I don't have much to directly say but I do want to say that this is awesome and that the potential here is fantastic. Thumbs up on such a setting and campaign idea.

    Also yes, Talents, Superiors, and Psiads work in a lot of settings, and that to me is one of their more brilliant facts.