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    The purpose of this thread is to speculate on how higher-tier Talents might work, when and if we eventually get them.

    I figure that for the most part, higher-tier Talents can simply be modeled by way of unlocking higher-tier Gifts, though there might be room for making the fuel stat a bit easier to come by.

    Talents have something of a three-way split in their concepts and Gifts: you've got the Intuitive Facet that uses Luck, and Luck Gifts; you've got the Reflective Facet that uses Skill, and Skill-based Aptitude Gifts; and you've got the Destructive Facet that uses Intention, and Attribute-based Aptitude Gifts.

    Higher-tier Luck Gifts probably involve conscious manipulation of probability, and possibly even active manipulation of parachronic phenomena (e.g., manipulating the flow of time, jumping to other eras, transitioning over to other timelines, or even accessing the mists between realities). Higher-tier Skill-based Aptitude Gifts are conceptually along the same lines as the primary protagonists of Exalted, where expenditures of Flux let the Talent achieve results with her skills that are frankly impossible for baselines.

    I think that the Attribute-based Charm Trees of Exalted's Lunars might be worth mining for ideas concerning Attribute-based Aptitude Gifts, though the big difference is that an Intention-focused Talent isn't a shapeshifter the way a Lunar is. That said, this is the part of the setup that I've put the least thought into. It's also possible that Attribute-based Gifts are more likely to parallel the powers of Superiors.

    So: areas to focus on would be mechanics for easier access to Flux, a conceptual basis for the Attribute-based Gifts, and Gift lists for all three facets of Inspiration.


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    Yes. That's it. Just yes. hehe

    Seriously though, as I said in the other threads, this sounds brilliant to me. The idea of making the higher Gifts of Talents be like the Charms of the Solar Exalted (with elements of other Exalted as found useful) is brilliant. As is using Flux as an energy source like motes of Essence.

    I think one of the initial things that need to be done is either give Talents a way to auto-generate Momentum OR to allow them to gain a stat that they can use to power their Gifts instead of or in addition to Momentum. (As you say by your notes on Flux).

    Then I think comes the whole figure out what conceptual space do we want them to have, what we want them to be able to do with their great powers. Because with a Skill and Attribute and Luck focus there is a lot of things we can have them do.

    Besides looking forward to reading what others think on this I will also think more about it as well, as its such a fantastic idea.

    As an idea, I think maybe Aptitude Gifts should/could be broad in capability but narrow in effect while Skill Gifts are narrow in capability but broad in effect, since its focused on a particular ability.

    I also really like the idea of Flux being used to let them world/timeline/dimension travel hop. It would be quite fantastic.

    As an additional thought I don't think we should be constrained entirely to Mercer. Mostly because we don't really know what he is doing. For all we know the reason he only pops on to the world occasionally is because he spends most of his time as King of another realm. Or maybe it was his Flux dimension powers that grew stronger than some of his others and so while he is powerful he finds it difficult to stay in a particular realm (or maybe just Earth) for too long of a time. For reasons!

    But yeah, the idea of Talent Gifts being really high powered sounds fun to me.

    PS. Maybe we can consider finding additional ways to grant them Scale in particular narrow ways. That could be a cool way to represent their greater power.


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      Talents are essentially dealing with Time: time travel, time flow (speed, basically) and cross time travel (interdimensional), that’s the way a see.

      The effects, the same way Quantum Powers deal with several results, are several and extremely versatile, in opposition to, the more linear, Psionic powers. So there is 2 bases where to start, one more linear but still versatile, in the way the Charms work (I neve played Exalted, but I read the second edition a few years back, so I have a very vague idea of thir workings, other than there are a sequence of requisites that create basically a tree of charms). The second idea is closer to the flexibility of Quantum powers, with several effects and ways to modify it.

      I am a bit lazy, so my approach would be a do it yourself set of rules to create effects. That said, I will check my old Exalted PDFs and maybe buy the 3e to better understand before get lost in a really interesting post.

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