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2 armor questions TC: Aberrant

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  • 2 armor questions TC: Aberrant

    Tried looking in forum but search pulls up everything from all forums it seems so not the most helpful when searching for general words like armor across all OPP. So sorry if this has already been asked.

    1. For the armor powers in TC: Aberrant it says you get an armor rating of quantum/2 plus..... what is the quantum/2 is it soft armor, armor tags? I was thinking it adds into the soft armor (2).

    2. Does armor scale stack? I can see how hard and soft armor would but I am thinking just highest rating applies when looking at scale. So if a nova has mega-stamina 3 and quantum field 2 he would “only” count as scale 4 for armor. That being base human +3 from M-Sta to equal 4, vs also having the 2 for quantum field.

    Side note, why change armor to a mega edge that is limited to five and not able to have all the armor tags?

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    So looking through it looks like the Q1/2 rounded up for armor powers is for soft armor. So most Aberrant powers/edges will add soft armor (2) + the Q1/2.

    I’m thinking from re-reading and thinking about it armor powers won’t stack scale, highest one is the one the counts but armor value for hard and soft looks like they would stack.


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      I think you're right about those two things. Definitely no way it's meant to stack Scale; I don't think that ever happens.

      Also, I think Durability was one of the traits mentioned in the developer thread as something they weren't happy with yet and would be changing.


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        Quick answers: 1. Yes (you are right) - 2. No (you are right too)

        Long Answers:
        1. Armor rating is supposed to be the Soft Armor granted before any tag being added. It is not clarified (the last time I I went after it) How exactly it would work, and there is a point in Core where they say all the armors have a rating of 1, so any soft armor tag would be additional to it. My interpretation is you are right.
        2. Scales don’t Stack. Your example is failed because Mega Stamina don’t grant scale against direct damage, but let’s suppose you have Durability 3 and Quantum Field 2, the resulting Armor would be defined by the scale of the attack, an attack scale 4 is less will face both armors, scale 5 or 6 ignore Quantum Field and 7 or more ignore both.

        Mega Edges usually don’t get access to any tag, and Durability is a Mega Edge, so all the tags are “advantages” over nothing. Anyway, quantum field is the former Armor power, that can be adapted to be also a force field power, while Durability is the same as the old enhancement Durability (or resilience or something like that, can’t recall the name).

        Edit: For a matter of pure scale (what will grant increased Difficulty or enhancements) the target is Scale 4 (even with a quantum field scale 2).
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          Ya, after I posted this I read through again and saw that M-Sta works for durability as in resistance to hunger and thirst not damage.


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            Just to quickly pop in, Durability is one of those powers that we are revisiting and will change by the time the PDFs are available.

            Scale never stacks. You take the best option for your comparison Scale when something might be giving you two instances of that Scale. (Such as Durability vs a Power attack.)

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