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  • Psions vs. Vampires...

    I was thinking of a crossover, for modern day psions, based partially off the Vampire line. Now, I'd keep a lot of the metaphysical bits out of it, or at least unknown. Most notably, there wouldn't be any mages. (While you can technically combine them all, I've noticed that the more you do that, the bigger the chance of ending up with a hot mess). The Vampires, are, as in the books, the secret masters of mankind, centuries old, able to crush (with a few exceptions) their enemies.

    But, a gentleman named Maxwell Anderson Mercer, someone who may be a vampire, may be a psion, or may be something else, in the early 21st century, engineered a process, to trigger both psiads and superiors, spread across the globe, while later developing the Prometheus chambers, as a secret tool to help create an army. But this is before that period, with both superiors and psions waking up, able to see the hands puppeting mankind, while now, for the first time in centuries, able to do something about it.

    I was thinking of this as starting out "Secret war", with psiads and superiors, as well as regular humans, becoming aware of the various vampire groups and moving against them. It'd then start to go into a more traditional Trinty setting of mankind against them monsters around 2030, when Mercer unveils the full psionic orders, striking against a vampire attack.

    I'd expect that it would be easy enough to build vampires as aberrants, using those powers to simulate the various disciplines and such.

    Not certain if Warewolves should exist, or just make them a gang of psiads with a theme.

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    The Vamps would HATE the Teeps and Quantas with a passion.
    Both can deal serious of the fiery kind, which the Vamps just can't stand.

    The Vitas on the other would be PRIZED above all else.
    As possessions or retainers, IF they can be tamed or coerced... cause they can be damn dangerous with that Aptitude of theirs, like friggin' hilarious tear apart a elder dangerous.
    They are not to be taken lightly, BUT they can heal people, keep them mentally healthy, keep them docile and so on.
    The are really valuable for the ambitious or going to war Fanger
    They are also way, way less dangerous than a Telepath and have at least tangible upsides in keeping them around.

    As a sidenote:
    There would probably collaborators among the humans, psions, psiads, superiors, talents and whathaveyou for varying reasons.
    Some might be blackmailed, some might be assholes, some might do it for the kicks and so on.
    Point is... there will be people who work for the other side.

    And another note:
    The obvious Fangers and breeds among them?
    They are getting dodo'ed in short order.
    Only the most cunning and stealthiest of them will survive.
    They will be VERY, VERY good at blending in, using patsies, ghouls and all that.

    Any obvious Vampy breed that DID survive lives either very, very underground or is VERY, VERY skilled at hiding in plain sight.
    Either way, they would be very scary, hellish damn scary to deal with.

    Also decide, which stick you go with:
    Generation or Blood Potency with the Vampire... makes a really big difference.
    And for the Ghouls? Decide if they are Blood Addicts and go slowly bonkers and act basically a bit weird at the best of times or if they are normal and all is cool with them.
    Both can make and break the Vamps to a degree, especially if they have no ghouls to rely on they will have to fish further out for even more humans to rely on.
    Which makes it even harder for them to survive in the long term.

    Anyway, just some quick thoughts... have to run.
    Have a nice one,
    and be exzellent.


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      Does Vitae count as a biological substance? If so, Biokinetics should be able to sense anyone with Vitae in their bodies. That gives you a Vampire/Ghoul specific radar out to nearly 100 feet.


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        Honestly I'd pull Vampires into the Continuum rather than try and drop Continuumy things into the WOD.

        My SUPER crazy reference would be the anime Valvrave the Liberator where...
        things that are some where between Doyen and Vampires crashland on earth in the Middle Ages and Manipulate history by being body possessing Vampires. Like they possess people ala Doyen but need to Drink blood for reasons.

        Fast forward to the Modern day which is.. the future because its a mecha anime.

        The country founded by secret vampires has a spy school that either is putting out Talents or Superiors depending on how extreme you want to look at it.

        But totally not space Japan who is the only neutral country in the giant alliances has basically reconstructed theirown Psychic vampires who are functionally psions/psiads who are the pilots of the mecha they get a bunch of standard vampire powers, and body possesing and each kind of has theirown niche power..

        Conceptually I'd make Vampires tied to one of the power sources.. perhaps psychic though part of me feels that making them tied to the Quantuum Gods of Aegis works out interesting....(perhaps that is why Caine is cursed?) The Embrace is a Technique that is breaking down over time... though it seems to have periods where it gets massive buffs all around(special periods of Flux) this sort of matches the decay of generation then sudden Potency buffs that seem to be in keeping with JHD stuff on vampires.

        TLDR: Make your Vampires Continuum metaphysics same if you want to add any thing else WODy.


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          Yeah, tying them into Continuum is WAY, WAY better than the other way around.
          Way to much headache that way and madness.

          Multi-Actions are done exceptionally well in Trinity, at least that's how I feel.
          That means the power curve is instantly less broken, just because anyone can go for it.
          Sure, that depends a bit WHICH version of the WoD is used, but still.

          Then there's the fact that fights in general can be handled rather fast in Continuum and Momentum is just neat.
          Not to mention Talents, which buff even mere Mortals quite nicely... did I mention that they would be prized possessions for Vamps or make REALLY, REALLY nice ghouls.

          And that's just the supposedly "weakest" human template that a vampire could turn against his opponents or would try to show off at Elysium.
          I am not so sure about them being basically failed Aberrants... but, well that could work out.
          So there's that to.

          Would work nicely with the Immortality shtick of theirs, some low-level mega-physical powers and a splash of dominate... which is right now missing.
          Substitute with Presence or Manipulation, I guess, which the Toreador or Ventrue would do anyway.
          Blood Magic's out though... which's a shame.
          Although that's probably doable too with a bit of re-skinning and fluffing... so yeah.


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            If you don't mind smooshing various splats together to make your vampires, I think this idea would be interesting:

            Merge a 'Flux' origin with Geist: The Sin-Eaters and Kindred of the East. Every once in awhile, a flux event causes a handful of recently dead bodies to arise as vampires. Sometimes the world can go for centuries without seeing a new vampire, while at others you get hundreds of new vampires each year for decades.

            This has several advantages:

            1). No one knows what vampires 'really' are, so you don't need to go too deep into the metaphysics. OTOH, that doesn't prevent people from observing facts and making up explanations which fit their preconceptions.

            2). You're unlikely to ever fully exterminate them, but you don't have to worry about them building their powerbase by embracing new recruits either. OTOH, there is no reason a vampiric overlord couldn't claim (or even honestly believe) that his ghouls can evolve into full vampires after a few centuries of service. Maybe a dead ghoul honestly did once rise as a vampire.

            3). The random nature of vampirization means they're not some monolithic group, they've got all sorts of political and social factions. Makes things more interesting if you're playing newly arisen vampires, or a group of vampire hunters coming to realize the situation is a lot more complex than some hidden conspiracy of blood sucking immortal monsters who secretly control human society.


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              Another thing to consider is that vampires need humans and human blood. So they have a vested interest in seeing humanity survive and thrive (in terms of population at least). Perhaps Vampires are why the Cuban Missile Crisis didn't go to WWIII. Or why the Black Death came to an end. Or why the Yellowstone Caldera hasn't erupted.

              Maybe bring in the idea that while vampires generally are selfish predators and encountering one probably won't be healthy for an individual human, collectively they have for centuries been acting quietly functioning in the same way as the Aeon society in some ways.


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                Originally posted by Bhurano View Post
                Would work nicely with the Immortality shtick of theirs, some low-level mega-physical powers and a splash of dominate... which is right now missing.
                Substitute with Presence or Manipulation, I guess, which the Toreador or Ventrue would do anyway.
                Blood Magic's out though... which's a shame.
                Although that's probably doable too with a bit of re-skinning and fluffing... so yeah.
                To get WOD vampires it MIGHT be easiest to start with Psions/Psiads since they have most of the right power set... and this explains why "Gods" hurt them as much of the old godly powers were Novay according to Aegis setup.

                Sunlight represents a connection to the QUantum thus why it hurts.


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                  For my tastes I would have vampires be a disease from another reality. In the initial stages its host is "killed" and turned into a ravening beast. Over time the vampire would gain greater control and gain greater control, cunning, and psionic powers. Biokinesis and Telepathy would be the most common powers.

                  Maybe all of the vampires are feeding tendrils for greater, and much more powerful entities in the vampire realm. Sucking away at the noetic energy on adjacent universes.
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