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Core & Aeon: What are Your Character Concepts?

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  • Core & Aeon: What are Your Character Concepts?

    These threads are always fun, so I thought I'd start one here.

    I've been poking at the idea of a gender fluid supermodel/idol who does public relations, charity work, and espionage for Norca.

    What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
    Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)

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    In the case of a Norça, gender fluid is not an expression for feeling, but for biological reproductive organs...

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    House Rules - Quantum - House Rules for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant
    House Rules - Psi - House Rules for Trinity Continuum: Æon
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      60+ year old retired soldier with a limp from an old combat injury was brought in to a Æsculapian clinic by his granddaughter to have a bad case of pneumonia healed. He’d always been skeptical of psions having lived through the Aberrant War and The Crash, but he always admired the Æsculapian Order even before the revelation of psions existence.

      He had a long and friendly talk with the very young vitakinetic doctor healing him talking about his time in the military working in relief efforts as a medic, and the doctor talking about the orders efforts in the same work. He sighed sadly at how different his work would have been with those powers. The doctor chuckled and said, “Latency testing is free.” With some prodding from his granddaughter he laughed and said why not. He was shocked when the test came back positive. The doctor persuaded him that vitakinetic abilities would compensate for his age and allow him to go back to his passion of helping others.

      Demeanor: Grandpa. Experienced. Kind. Warm. Jovial. Serious when the situation is serious.

      Not gruff or “too old for this shit.” Genuinely happy to be able to be doing what he does.

      At campaign start he’d actually have been a psion for 7-10 years so closer to 70.

      The inspiration was this picture:
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        Nobody else? I thought this would be a fun thread


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          One of the core character concepts I have is a young, just starting at college age, man who happens to have something happen that leads to his awakening in the social and mental arena - business and politics and science. I take this base idea twist it in different directions whether he becomes a Talent, a Superior, a Nova, or a Psiad. I also have the idea that he is given some money do the event that will secretly give him powers. Money that he uses to begin walking the path of importance.

          What happens after that I do not know. hehe


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            As the grandchild of American Aberrant war refugees, the holovids of La Blassure really got to James. So instead of going into some research program after completing their second Phd, they signed up with the Æsculapians, and tested positive for latency. When you're an Æsc going to do humanitarian work in a QFZ, you go VK, even if you aren't a medical doctor.

            A vitakinetic super-scientist with a humanitarian streak that leaps headfirst into danger.

            Raksha are my fae-vorite.

            Reincarnation of magnificentmomo.


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              Cool ideas!


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                I had the idea for a Talent working for the Aeon Trinity as part of Section Minerva. Formerly a grifter and thief, she does work "retrieving" dangerous tech/information being held by malicious individuals.


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                  Another character I thought of is the old reliable “ISRA private eye/troubleshooter.” This take on it spent time as a drifter traveling Earth and Luna and taking odd jobs before finding their way to the ISRA. The traveling gives them a high culture skill. Using that, the skill trick “that’s my favorite too” and a culture specialty of “J hologram” to make them good at interacting with the “average J” even though integrity, persuasion, and empathy aren’t so high. That aspect of the character is inspired by Jim Rockford’s ability to relate to people and build superficial connections to them to get what he needs.


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                    I am hoping we might get some sort of detective/investigation genre sourcebook for Trinity, preferably with an Æon chapter in it.

                    What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                    Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                      My campaign will be a weird, given that it's starting in the Nippon arcology, but one of the characters is a young Suburan Psiad (Primary Apt: Telepathy and Vitakinesis) who manifested at an early age but suppressed her abilities after she received the retrovirus (she expressed too much interest in using psionics to cure Taint diseases like the one that eventually killed her grandmother). Now as a nursing student, her abilities have reawakened.

                      She's a weird one and I had to stretch things a bit for the player, but I liked the result. Her Origin is Suburban, her Role is Medical Practioner and Psiad has been redefined as "Freelance Psiad" and a Society Path. I let the player trade in the Step 6 Attribute Dot and 3 of the 4 Edge dots to buy a second Dot in Freelance Psiad, which allowed her to buy Strong Mode in Latrosis , allowing her to (unconsciously) protect herself from the retrovirus.

                      One thing that's been pretty challenging for this crew is the relative lack of Society paths due to the restrictive xenophobia of Nippon.