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    I was planning a combat scene for my Aberrant game, and I had an issue related to facing the scale.

    Long list of powers, but the result is, there is a guy with high durability scale using a super tech weapon. My characters will have issues to go through the scale (one probably will have to max out his quantum attack, the others have no chance), but once the weapon is down, the adversary have little to no chance to beat them.

    Scale would be added to the defense, so it would be as hard to disarm him as to injure him, so I am house-ruling: Scale causes a Complication to any attack, that, if both bought off makes impossible to use some stunts, but not others. In this case, the attacker would not be able to use the Inflict Damage, but disarm will be possible.

    ”Why not increasing soft armor?” you may ask, and the answer is, in this case it’s durability, but it could be leadership, speed might, or any other.

    For example, hitting a speedster mid run would require to bit it to any stunt that involves hitting him directly, but you could use feint to force him to slow just a bit so other can hit him, or force him to dodge just in time to be hit by your friend.
    You could have a situation where the mega social guy is affecting you subconscious to not try to investigate something, and to collect the clue you must bought off the scale complication or can’t use any of the stunts related to investigating, but still can try to.

    Makes sense to you?

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