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Does Soft Armor Stack?

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  • Does Soft Armor Stack?

    If a character is wearing armor with a soft 2 tag and he's behind a force field with soft 3, does he have a total of soft 5?

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    If you're using Kinetic or Energy Shield to create the force field, then yes, it does, per the description of the power. If you're not, I'd suggest using them as models, since they're good examples. So, either way, I'd rule it stacks.


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      It was said it should stack. But I would limit how much stack is possible, as it quickly turns impossible to cause any damage.

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        There are a few ways to get around soft armor. For example, the Pin Down stunt is very useful for that. Also, look for weapons with the Piercing and Spread tags. Entangling weapons can also be useful. Also, teamwork can generate a decent number of enhancements for one character to bypass the soft armor.