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    Originally posted by MythAdvocate View Post

    I have often pondered a setting where Kaiju replace Aberrants for the setting wreckers. With Talents and possibly Psiads forming the Kaiju countermeasure squads.
    Part of me wants to create an Ultraman campaign; the players are Talents in the Science Patrol. For the Kaiju fight scenes, Ultraman will be player team controlled.


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      My inspiration for modern Trinity core - #BloodnTreasure is an adventure series in the style of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider or Relic Hunter - although much more "down to earth". The main characters are the former FBI agent and an art thief who are looking for the tomb of Cleopatra and Antony from 30 BCE. The whole series is such a low pulp, where puzzles, break-ins, chases and shootings are the order of the day - but nothing totally over the top. Overall, the climate seems like a modern, slower, B-class Indiana Jones - you can watch the genre as you like. Supposedly very informative historically. 😎

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        The Venture Brothers. The setting is loaded with Talents. Magic and superpowers exist, but can be explained away with flux gadgets (talismans), and weird super science. The rare superbeing always has severe limits or weaknesses more in line with sub aberrant mutants or Superiors than Novas.

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          It’s probably more Adventure! than modern Trinity, but I’m off to watch this at the cinema this afternoon:

          Edit: Having watched it, I’d say there are a few unexpected twists in it, but Chloë Grace Moretz certainly could be a Talent.

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            "Macguyver" is a TV series about a secret agent who uses his ingenuity, a Swiss Army knife, and duct tape to solve problems, never a gun. Probably a Talent.

            "John Doe" is a TV series about a man who has vast knowledge about everything except his identity. Too bad it was very short lived.

            "The Middleman" is a comedy action series about the adventures about a secret agent and his apprentice working for an Organization Too Secret To Know fighting science fictional and supernatural threats. Only 12 episodes, and I wish it had another four more years.