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Augmentation Edges as Human Variants

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  • Augmentation Edges as Human Variants

    Now this might seem obvious to some people but for me there was a moment earlier today, while reading Trinity Core, when I realized that human variant races could be represented by racial edges rather than Origin Paths or even racial templates. Then I looked through Aeon and saw the Augmentation Edges and was like "why not use them, in a slightly modified sense." This led me to think that it might be cool, in a variant human subrace heavy sort of game, to give all players one or two free dots that could only be used to apply to a racial Augmentation Edge. For standard humans one could create a Baseline Human edge which gives something similar, though maybe more focused on social elements than biotech driven modifications. I could even see a Primal Human augmentation which is like humanity on steroids - the best of the best - and this could be three dots, which means that one of the characters normal dots has to be put into it to purchase it.

    Heck, I could even see additional augmentation edges that represent location of where people live - so Coreworlder, Midlander, Fringer, Belter - or their social status - Noble, Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Class, whatnot. While the augmentation edges are mostly 2 dots I could see he location and class being one dot each, so a person could choose say Noble Midlander or even Lower Class Coreworlder. Though in some senses similar to Origins they aren't really that, being more mechanically focused then the paths.

    Honestly, I think using Edges for such things - with idea of some additional points being given free to let the purchase be equal - would be quite fun for say space opera sorts of games and such.

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    I like your idea. At first I start reading Augmentation as Nova or Psiad, what was a big no no... but as you said, it would be very interesting to have more Human Variant edges, much like Martian Adaptation, Selkies and Amphys.

    About the edges for location and social class I don't know. I would agree on an edge that differentiate double from peasants on a setting that it would matter, like a Game of Thrones style, with several levels of nobles (1 to 5 dots), but Wealth gives a lot about the character social class.

    Giving a "superior formation" edge to an engineer or doctor, or forest dweller for a person from amazon forest dent sound nice, and the skills and attributes represent much of how the character become what he is (a scholar probably have high mental after studied a lot, while a person that lives in the forest probably have high survival skill).

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      Well both Novas and Psiads could take these racial edges as well.

      And yeah, these sorts of edges would be applicable in certain campaigns more than others. Space Opera, with many worlds and regions and such would be one of them.

      Ooh, Nobility as an edge would be nifty for certain campaigns. Its like Wealth but for a feudal world, i like. hehe

      I think the nice thing about using Edges for such a racial function is that it doesn't really add a new layer to the rules, like a template or modification would. Nor does it remove the ability for a player to take the Paths they want, and I consider that a good thing.

      But yeah having such variant races as Edges sound really cool to me.


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        I'm interested in how this discussion develops. Hmm Some potential here.

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