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Flux and Transcendence working as Hungry and Blood Potency

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  • Flux and Transcendence working as Hungry and Blood Potency

    Hi all!

    Don't know what you think about the V5 Hungry mechanics, but I think it would be a great use for Flux accumulation and it’s side effects (including losing control over powers).
    The idea I have is a bit (and by that I mean completely) lose yet, but maybe you all can give me some ideas.

    A Nova have a Flux value and a Transcendence value, Flux goes from 0 to 5, and Transcendence 0 to 10 (as usual). When the character would gain Flux, the flux value increase by 1, while every end of a scene the character reduce his flux by 1, and every scene spent dormant one additional flux, to a minimum equal to ½ Transcendence (round down).

    Anytime he roll to use a power, including when rolling for clash of wills, for every point of flux will exchange 1 dice from the dice pool by a flux dice. Any success involving a 10 on the flux dice means a maxing out success on that use, possibly against the character will, while any 1 would cause the character to enter Quantum Instability (even on a successful roll). Also a botch with a 1 in a flux dice would increase by 1 the flux value.

    If the character would increases his Flux above 5, it does not increase, instead, for the rest of the scene he enters a quantum instability condition and by the end of that scene the character gains 1 Transcendence (still didn’t think about it in numbers, but the idea is to make the characters take some time off to avoid a constant quantum instability). Accumulating multiple quantum instability will result in multiple temporary transformations, but never more than 1 transcendence per scene.

    There is a positive side of the Flux, when the character is rolling for any power use, he will always roll at least his Flux dice, even if the dice pool is smaller than flux. And the character can also use his flux dice whenever his dice pool is smaller, with a risk of quantum instability, even on regular skill tests.

    Transcendence value also defines for how long the quantum instability will maintain (from a round in T0 to an entire week in T9). A T 8 our 9 is always on the fringe of a quantum instability (minimum Flux of 4), while a T10 will have a minimum of 5 flux, and any flux gained will start a quantum instability, but, as Transcendence can never be higher than 10, the character is still functional, even if barely capable of interacting with baselines and on a high risk of maxing out any power use by mistake (maybe flooding an state by mistake...).

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