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ZOMBIE OUTBREAK RESPONSE ORGANIZATION: A Zombie Fighting force for the Heroic Age

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  • ZOMBIE OUTBREAK RESPONSE ORGANIZATION: A Zombie Fighting force for the Heroic Age

    Hello all!
    Below is details for an allegiance that is active in my "Heroic Age" setting for the Trinity Continuum. It is a world of pulpy heroes, super science and the weird world that they live in. If you would like to support the writer and artist (me) and to see more content of this sort, come visit and subscribe to my Patreon.


    Motto: "Raze the Dead!”
    Formed: October 31, 1970
    Type: Independent Agency
    Headquarters: Trenton, NJ
    Agency executives: Dr. Abigail Frost, Director; Barton Hill, Principal Deputy Director
    Concepts: Anti-hero, badass bookworm, crazy survivalist, detective, ex-military, fringe theorist, idiot hero, necromancer, one-man army, weirdness magnet, vampire hunter.
    Connections: Clergy, exterminator, hacktivist, mortuary scientist, retired cop, street gang, survivalist, taxidermist
    Skills: Aim, Close Combat, Enigmas, Medicine
    Edges: Adrenaline Spike (••), Armor Expert (••), Danger Sense (•), Endurance (••), *Half Life (•), Hardy (• to •••), One against an Ocean (••), Small Unit Tactics (••)
    Gifts: Skill (Aim, Enigmas, Medicine)

    “You know what the difference between me and you really is? You look out there and see a horde of evil, brain eating zombies. I look out there and see a target-rich environment.” -Dillis D. Freeman Jr.
    The Zombie Outbreak Response Association (ZORA) is a global network dedicated to combatting and containing the Undead in its many forms. Though primarily focused on Zombies, ZORA also combats other forms of undead such as Vampires, Ghouls, Haunts and a host of related entities. The undead threat is a danger to all living persons, and an outbreak can happen at any time. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of the agents of ZORA, most of the world is ignorant of this looming threat.
    The Zombie Outbreak Response Association recruits from an odd assortment of dedicated persons that often do not fit well within other occupations. Often, government agencies and law enforcement will use ZORA as a dumping ground for agents who they cannot out and out fire, or who are placed on the “shit list” of someone farther up their respective chains of command. They also recruit soldiers, law enforcement, scholars, tech specialists and a wide range of dedicated and uniquely skilled persons from a wide range of disciplines.

    The undead have always been around, haunting the edges of civilization down through human history, and staying mostly in the shadows. Several outbreaks from the past are on record, such as the Vicksburg, Mississippi outbreak of 1863, the London revenant plague of 1897, and the Key West horde of 1935 to name a few. ZORA was first formed in 1970 primarily in response to the great ghoul plague of 1968 which ravaged New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The initial team was assembled out of an assortment of a host of heroes and reformed villains, all of whom with extensive experience with the undead. Their initial success led them to gain considerable resources and media attention. They were deployed against additional outbreaks and Cold War experiments in undeath (which were distressingly common).
    Though ZORA was very effective, changes in policy and the often gross and thankless aspects of zombie hunting, the agency has fallen on difficult times. Now, decades later, the organization has suffered budget cuts, staffing issues and a host of administrative meddling that has left them a rag-tag group of dreamers, zealots and odd-balls that are nonetheless, very effective. Now the agency is greatly diminished in size and resources, but is still dedicated to its cause.

    Resembling a mix of government agency, private think tank, and corporation, ZORA uses an interlocking structure of directors, senior agents, and department heads to run its diverse and eclectic staff. Most agents and employees are organized into Response Teams which generally handle operations in a given area. Response Teams can be small; in some cases, a single agent might be tasked with handling cases in an area. However, large cells of a dozen or more members are found in large population centers like Empire City or Chicago. Unusually skilled or specialized agents might be ‘loaned” to different Response Teams, especially in light of a particularly nasty outbreaks.
    ZORA is headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, where it maintains a renovated police station that houses state-of-the-art zombie fighting equipment. ZORA trains its new agents in combat and the use of zombie detection and fighting gear as well as investigation and basic med lab training. The public knows very little about ZORA, and the agency prefers a low profile. However, they remain well known and appreciated by the police, tabloids, homeless and sewer workers in metropolitan areas.

    ZORA Response Teams enjoy near autonomy, and are expected to handle themselves with a minimum of aid from the main office. They are typically set up with a regional HQ, usually a lab or warehouse leased or purchased by the agency, from which the response team will operate. As resources are very tight at ZORA, additional aid is usually not available unless things are very bad. As a general rule, Response Teams interact closely with the CDC, WHO, local and State law enforcement, acting as consultants and advisors. When things get sticky, ZORA teams will typically try to work with these allies, but are just as likely to go it alone, and with no backup.

    The Zombie Outbreak Response Association is great for good old-fashioned monster hunting. Part detective story, part thriller, and part gallows humor slug fest. ZORA is the place where malcontents go, and where otherwise capable but socially disfavored heroes get stuck. Response Teams are often drawn from all manner of backgrounds, allowing for any combination of origins, though a tendency towards dark origins and grim outlooks are common. Also, ZORA works with anyone and everyone to reach their goals, so a troupe including ZORA agents, Branch 9, AEON, and Les Fantômes characters is not impossible. Friction and even open opposition might be a result, but as long as the undead menace is the real enemy, ZORA can take the heat.

    *New Edge: Half-Life (•)
    You have contracted the Zombie Virus and were on the way to becoming the undead, but the antidote was administered in time. You character suffers no health problems from being in damp or underwater environments. He rarely needs to breathe and can hold his breath for 30 minutes, and his near dead flesh provides sufficient insulation from the cold. Due to his cold, near dead flesh, he rarely needs anything more than a warm coat to be comfortable anywhere on Earth. Your character can to endure cold temperatures down to −34° F without discomfort, and his chilly skin provides him with one level of soft armor. Though you are not undead, you are greyish green in color and have “zombie eyes”, requiring the use of makeup and contacts to pass as a fully living person.
    Drawbacks: Characters with this Edge suffer 1 Complication to all Social rolls relating to appearance from people who are uncomfortable with the undead.

    “Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.”
    Jasper Fforde, The Big Over Easy