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Concept for a Multi-Path Aberrant Spacefaring Campaign

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  • Concept for a Multi-Path Aberrant Spacefaring Campaign

    So I don't know if any of you have heard of the Justice League: Odyssey series, but ever since I read it I've been thinking about how to implement it as a campaign. And I think I've finally found a way. The concept for the comic is that a handful of Justice League members get on a spaceship and go off to investigate a new sector of planets that have recently been released from being held shrunken and captive by Brainiac. I love the idea of superheroes doing superhero stuff in space and I knew Trinity was the system to make that happen. Daedalus already exists for spacefaring games but I wanted something a bit more focused and that would more easily integrate multiple Paths. And the idea I came up with not only does all that but also opens the door for anyone wanting to play as a Psiad (since Psion's have particular baggage).

    In the year 2030 a massive Flux event occurs in deep space, powerful enough that the Flux hits Earth. The first thing that people realize is that a new breed of powered human starts springing up across the globe. People whose powers aren't quantum in nature but noetic. Dubbed 'Psiads' there's barely enough time to dig into their study before the next discovery hits. A new solar system where the epicenter of the Flux event had been. A solar system that makes no scientific sense, held together by quantum energy. In a flurry of action the Aeon foundation does the only logical thing; puts together a team of expert superhumans to figure out what the hell is going on, gives them a ship and sends them to what's been dubbed 'the Quantum System'.

    The idea is that the solar system is actually made up of a number of planets pulled in from across the Continuum and all in a tizzy because they don't understand what's happening either, and the PCs end up playing the part of a neutral party that can help and figure things out. Obviously this is still a pretty raw concept so any suggestions to refine and improve it would be very welcome.

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    YO! I had a similar idea. (VERY SIMILAR)

    A nervous Chinese captain - possibly under mind control - fires first on the Aberrants. Mal unleashes a massive quantum burst. The Chinese fleet unloads its fusion weapon payload on earth and the remaining Nova/Aberrants. One Chinese battleship survives. The earth gets tilted off its axis and the poles are reversed. A partially-completed Esperanza also made it through the battle. This version of it had a nascent, evolving SI in one chamber and a massive Eufiber farm meant to capture ambient quantum energy.

    Between the pulse, the bombs and the Earth shifting, 99% of the population of planet dies within 18 months. Mal's power spike opens hundreds of warp portals to different places, times and realities.

    Mal's pulse catches the attention of the time-traveling Mercer. Mercer attempts to isolate an out-of-control Mal but is only able to briefly keep him in a time bubble. He (Mercer) grabs an exceptionally powerful version of Bhurano to intervene. They miraculously power Mal down. The quantum spike also drew the attention of one of the Doyan. As it's poised to wipe out Mal, Mercer and Bhurano, the latter two release Mal and they attempt to subjugate the Doyan. Not knowing what to do to the Doyan, the trio sacrifices themselves and traps their 4 essences within the Eufiber hub (not unlike the psychic realm from the TV version of Legion). Time works differently within the Eufiber hub and after what feels like centuries, the trio finally defeat/turn the Doyan. The four specialized power sets work in concert to discern that Earth and the space immediately around it have slipped into a space with between time and spaces.

    Mal's single overriding desire is to make sure that an event like the destruction of this Earth can't happen again. They psychically reach out to the crew of the Esperanza as they exist solely as a hybrid of a series of competing energies. They find a powerful, amnesiac Nova floating in space and put him in cryo-hibernation - so Mal could probe how to force someone to go through chrysalis or at least bleed off taint (oh grow up). The one remaining, limping Chinese warship hails the Esperanza knowing that it has supplies. The combined forces discover that there are surviving humans, novas, aberrants, dinosaurs, rogue AI/robots, semi-sentient jungles and the kind of madness that would give the explorers from the Telluric age wet dreams for life.

    The space aboard the ship and space station is highly limited. They can only bring a few highly skilled individuals from the planet - including a few who have wandered through "soft spaces" in the fabric of the universe. Warriors, geniuses, negotiators, psions, psiads, talents, superiors, Novas, etc - either from that time and space or another. They lose crew and operators to violence, disease and temporal anomalies almost as quickly as they add them.

    Nonetheless, they investigate the "soft spots" to the best of their ability and eventually discover how to locate them. The ship and Esperanza appear safe as they're in the vicinity of the combined energies of the quad of Mercer, Mal, Bhutaro and the rogue Doyan.

    However, it's not until a derelict Leviathan arrives do they figure how how to actually intentionally translocate in time/space. (Note: the Leviathan was actually infested by a parasitic, psi-based creeping fungus that killed the crew. By cleansing it - and avenging the crew - the nascent Tesser intelligence took a liking to the adventurers.) Between the energies/know-how of the quad and the genius of the inherited crew, the good guys began exploring if they could find new homes for the survivors of a dying Earth.

    To no one's surprise, other earths were experiencing horrific problems - from aliens invading in 750BC to evil Quantum-powered dictators ruling earth to destructive AI attempting to wipe out the species to borderline utopias with psionic overlords pacifying the bulk of the population to the standard Aberrant/Aeon/Adventure/Trinity/Aegis/Anima timelines. They pick up intrepid heroes along the way as they return folks to their homes or new homes.

    Eventually, between the geniuses, the quad, the Leviathan's tesser and the evolving SI aboard the Esperanza, they discover how to survey versions of reality that need help from threats of all kind. Though billions died on this version of earth, the quad (but especially Mercer, Mal and Bhutaro) are able to fulfill Aeon's mission to make the world/existence a better place.

    The idea is that some of the times and places have higher levels of background energies available - making psi/quantum more or less available - and some missions require a much gentler touch than hurling tempests at the bad guys. So all types can thrive. Also, some of the technology looted, developed and iterated can certainly put a Talent or maybe even baseline on a briefly even playing field with a Nova.
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