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    Originally posted by Florin View Post
    How does being good at Close Combat help you defend against getting shot?
    How does having a high Resolve / Stamina / Composure do so? You just shrug off the damage like a D&D barbarian?

    Either way its easy enough to set a static difficulty vs firearms and other quick projectiles beginning with 1 and add to it cover, distance, darkness and so on. I am already doing that in my games.


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      Originally posted by Aristarkos View Post

      How does having a high Resolve / Stamina / Composure do so? You just shrug off the damage like a D&D barbarian?
      By not letting it cause you complications. As I said earlier, Defense isn't about avoiding getting hit. Defense is about avoiding effects from being attacked. That's why resilience stats are used. It's a mind shift compared to the Storyteller/Storytelling systems. They mean different things.

      If you want to model being hard to hit, you add Soft Armor, like in the Precise Martial Arts edge.


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        The stunt name Dodge implies it’s Dodging, but the point here is the idea of avoiding attacks is resisting, and so it is about the resistance attribute. It’s the same for Composure, it’s is not about replying smartly to make the other incapable of counter your arguments, it’s about not being affected by instantaneous effects and resisting longer against lasting effects.

        Stamina is not only being tough, it’s about resisting and avoiding whatever physical issues. Dexterity is about precision and hand eye coordination, not speed. Might is more about speed and power than Dexterity in that end, big guys make their fists move faster and their leg muscles can create more acceleration, of course a body builder is not necessarily faster, but a sprinter is pretty muscular (much more than a marathon runner).

        I know, a high Dexterity character is said more capable of diving for cover, but... yes, it’s more about coordination and pass about Agility. A character with higher Dexterity is more capable of learning how to dodge and absorb impacts due to their coordination, but it’s not an automatic effect of coordination, you must learn (get edges, in game terms).

        Again, the rules are here to be broken and not even ideas are perfect.

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