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    Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post

    If you think there are about 2k novas in the world, you can go around without finding a Nova pretty easy. You would see them on the news (scientific, political, celebrities, everything) all the time, and they are everywhere in the media (they are in the outdoors, in the big screams in Times Square, etc.), but MOST of the novas are not flying around on super suits.

    There is no hard rule on the conflicts, you can put T2M fighting Aberrants anywhere you want as many times as you wish, but usually, when the game goes around violence and physical conflict I suggest a story around a team of Elites (nova mercs), fighting wars or assassinating /protecting people for money. You can even think about a nova dictator in a small country, and sending T2M to put him down, but it would not be the most common event.

    Terats in 2028 are usually more focused on philosophical aspect of the Nova condition than about killing people. Aberrants are an exception, but they are against killing Novas, they only kill baselines, and even them don’t go out killing people, usually they have reasons.

    Another option, is take your game a few years in the future 2040s when novas are getting crazy and the Aberrants are openly killing baselines for no reason. You can have a group of Aberrant Hunters going after novas that went crazy, or just too violent.

    My last game went around finding a Nova Inventor that start selling his inventions just to get more money to invent more. A gang of Narcos start selling his inventions in the black market and kept him locked on a laboratory they build for him (he was kind of Savant, and didn’t care about anything other than inventing stuff). They fought some baselines with nova tech and in the end had some issues to arrest the inventor (as he had Mega Stamina 5 and nothing could pass thru his skin).
    Oh you perfectly answered my question while I was writing my last post.!

    Disregard previous post, this sums it up nicely and gives me a greater understanding thank you so much


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      Originally posted by Thomas.Bagley View Post

      For those that have run games in this setting before. What threats/enemies antagonists did your group of players have? Like what would a typical adventure/mission/conflict/scenario look like?
      I recall my usual go-to antagonists being Novas who somehow erupted and immediately went off the deep end for some reason or another (cracking under the stress, suddenly deciding they were going to get revenge on whomever, or just having no control whatsoever). Also the occasional individual who was just a sociopathic asshat who decided they could do whatever they wanted now, regardless of who they hurt.

      I also did a lot with the pro-wrestling analog, having what were basically one on one or group fights for the entertainment of spectators or just bragging rights interspersed with a lot of character driven drama and comedy.

      What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
      Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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        Getting a bit back to the earliest post, we had one adventure with a Nova playing Superman in a movie because he actually had MegaSTR, Mega STAM, could fly and use eye lasers. Basically the director had hired him and other Novas to save on the FX budget because they could actually do the stuff. Alas, "Superman's" Taint made him flip out and kidnap "Lois Lane" so that the PC "villains" had to save her and Burbank from an out-of-control "Superman."


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          It's worth remembering first that there's a lot more to comic books than just superhero fiction. Comic books are a medium, not a genre, and can be used to tell a wide variety of stories. One of my favorite series (back when I bought comics on a weekly basis) was Giant Days, a mostly normal (maybe Magical Realism) comedy series about three young women in college in England, and the wacky shenanigans that would spiral out from their personalities and the people around them. It's great, everyone should check it out. Point is, in the Aberrant universe, the presence of Novas probably led to the genre being redefined, yes, but also led to the medium being opened up to more and different kinds of stories. Basically, what in the Real World sits at the periphery of comics publishing, that orbits around the monolith of superheroes, suddenly becomes more the norm.

          So basically, it becomes like every other storytelling medium.

          And second that when superheroes become real, what is considered "normal" changes. Suddenly, even a grounded story that would otherwise not enter into the fantastical can depict Nova characters or situations. It's not fantasy or science fiction, it's just a literary reflection of the real life world the people of Aberrant live in. Things like police procedurals, sitcoms, thrillers, and mystery stories can be tinged by the element of superbeings, even if their presence isn't the centerpiece of the work. I imagine works similar to Gotham Central or Gotham Academy become more ubiquitous.


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            There was a great on concept, less-great on execution Image comic called "America's Got Powers" that seems like it could fit in Aberrant. Kind of American Idol meets Hunger Games meets Rising Stars with a dash of X-Men.


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              So, in Aberrant, the Terats basically assert that they are above the laws of humans and can do whatever the hell they want. That said, right now, being a Nova pretty much automatically makes you a celebrity, so going out and getting a publicist will probably get you more money and fame in the long run than knocking over banks or whatever. So there’s less motivation to just go and do crimes with your newfound power.

              That being said, Novas who go too deep into their powers can develop psychological issues, including an increasing detachment from humanity that often presents like a form of sociopathy. So, if I was planning to do a super hero fighting series, I’d probably look at Batman’s enemies for inspiration (though they’d probably need to have their power boosted for this game). People who have become increasingly alien in mindset.

              Alternately, take a look at the various Marvel and DC movies and TV series. Most of those plots should work ok in Aberrant.

              I’d love to try running a Nova squad that’s sort of a cross between a Disaster Rapid Response Rescue Squad and the Global Frequency.