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Vehicles and damage

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  • Vehicles and damage

    How many Condition boxes do vehicles have? The rules as I understand them give vehicles a Durability scale (although no example vehicles list any and I cannot find anything else except what follows on Durability), and the Massive tag gives Size and Durability scale and a Condition box per extra Size scale it provides. Which implies both Size and Durability are factors in how many Condition boxes a vehicle has. But how? When does that frigate suffer damage to a critical system (i.e. get taken out?).

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    Core, page 127:
    All vehicles start with a number of Condition boxes equal to it’s size Scale which indicate the amount of hits it can take before becoming nonfunctional.
    This line wasn’t there in the older versions of the book, but was added for the final version.

    Personally I would use the Piece by Piece optional rule (page 119), removing tags from the vehicle, but this would make combats slow and long, more like a Star Trek combat and less like a action scene. It works better if the game flows around the vehicle, like the movie Fury, or series like Star Trek and Knight Rider.
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      Thank you, I am grateful for your help, this answer helps me understand other ambiguities in the corebook too.