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    Hello all! Below is an organization that is active in my home Trinity Continuum campaign that I call The Heroic Age. I run a more "superhero" type game, though focusing more on Action, Guile and Science heroes than spy thrillers, but shying away from characters that throw cars around. Sunstreak Labs is the employer of many costumed vigilantes and publicly recognized Inspired persons. This corporation is not nearly as widely loved as Aeon or even Project Utopia, having its fingers in a number of questionable pies. However, they DO hire a large number of Talents, and work very hard to sell themselves to the public
    More info can be found over at my Patreon.


    AKA: Superhero Inc.
    Motto: The Future is Superhuman
    Formed: July 1, 1962
    Type: Public
    Headquarters: Atom City, Colorado
    Executives: Marla Drake (Chairwoman), Dr. Allen Turner (CEO), Dr. Alice Chambers (CTO), Guy Newton (CFO)
    Path Concepts: Super scientist, transhuman, genius playboy, kid adventurer, science hero, mad scientist for a better tomorrow
    Connections: Cutting edge scientist, defense contractor, reformed mad scientist, hacktavist, mutant
    Skills: Enigmas, Integrity, Science, Technology
    Edges: Always prepared (•), Artifact (Hypertech) (• to •••••), Library (Database) (• to •••••), Lightning Calculator (••)
    Gifts: Skill (Enigmas, Integrity, Science)

    “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”
    -Dr. Allen Turner, Founder and CEO of Sunstreak Labs

    Sunstreak Labs is a large publicly traded company headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was founded in 1962 by Dr. Allen Turner (aka Skyman) with the Utopian goal of developing super science and hypertech devices for the betterment of mankind. In the years since its founding, Sunstreak Labs is world-renowned for its innovations in aerospace, biotech and consumer electronics as well as its contributions to the superhero, super-science and paranatural human community. Among Sunstreak Labs innovations are such wondrous technologies as Cloning Tanks, FluxFiber Clothing, Encased IPS Armor, Rockwell Star Raker series of “Space Planes,” the Liquid Mercury Ion Plasma Engines (aka: Flux Drive), Zero Point Weapons and many others. However, it is the day to day technologies such as Flying Cars, Pocket A.I.’s, and the Personal Assistant Robots to name a few.
    In the world of the Heroic Age, Sunstreak Labs is one of the big “movers and shakers” on the world stage. This corporate think tank often works with the US military, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, Law Enforcement and with costumed vigilantes. Sunstreak Labs has a good relationship with the Aeon Society, Archangel and Department 9, with whom they often collaborate with.

    Sunstreak Labs organizes itself much like any Tech company, with the added aspect being its focus on Weird Science and the efforts of super beings. The main office in Colorado Springs is also where the main labs can be found, however there are many research facilities, labs, manufacturing and offices in most major cities and other locations. All of these places have tight security and have contacts in the local superhero community. The main organizational departments are as follows;
    Damage Control (PR and Marketing): With so many high-profile agents, and highly dangerous technology at its disposal, Sunstreak Labs needs a significant amount of spin to keep its reputation intact. The Public Relations and Marketing department of Sunstreak Labs, dubbed “Damage Control,” is a whirlwind of brilliant spin doctors, schmoozers, lawyers, costume designers, handlers and marketing geniuses. All hero teams in the Justice Patrol have a Damage Control handler or “face” to keep things running smoothly and to make sure only the best photo ops get out into the world.
    Super Scientists (R&D): The core of Sunstreak Labs is its Super Scientists, many of whom would be dubbed “Mad Scientists” if they were not kept busy. These Inspired geniuses are given room to experiment, and to develop their designs with only minimum guidance and overwatch from the company. Research into Flux energy is central to the Super Scientists of Sunstreak Labs, where ever weirder applications of their inventions are a daily interest. Labs specializing in one or another endeavor can be found all over the world, though the majority are in the US and US territories.
    Justice Patrol (Supers): The team of superheroes known as the “Justice Patrol” are sponsored and supplied by Sunstreak Labs. This team is used to field test equipment being developed by the R&D department as well as to provide a public service for the community. Justice Patrol Members are employees of Sunstreak Labs, but are encouraged to pursue hero work on their own. The Justice Patrol is a combination of the Superfriends and the Thunderbolts, with a squeaky-clean public persona and high-tech vehicles and gear. Some members of the Justice Patrol are; Amazing Man, Atom Wizard, Black Owl, Bozo the Robot, Captain Science, Commander Cody, Minute-Man, Miss Fury, Nightmare, Red Rube, Volton, and Wildfire.

    Sunstreak Labs has major facilities in Atom City, Empire City, and Luna City, with offices, labs and research stations around the world and across the near solar system. It offers opportunities to interact with super scientists, aliens, and the hero community on an up-close and personal level. If it involves weird science, Sunstreak Labs either has it, or knows where to find it.
    Agents can acquire exotic equipment such as space ships, energy weapons, PKE Meters and FluxFiber Smartwear (see below). They also have access to the company’s PR department, and can expect some measure of protection from the company, though truly flagrant defiance of the law can leave an agent on his own.

    Sunstreak Labs reflects the world of action and science heroics, using Inspired heroes and super-scientists to explore the cosmos and oppose enemies of mankind. Activities of Sunstreak Labs involve research into the unknown, exploration of other worlds and parallel dimensions and battling paranoral persons and entities. As well as serving as an international superhero organization, it should serve as a model for a “Science Hero” organization for the players to join.
    In a series featuring a mixed group of characters, a member of the Justice Patrol might be the most openly “super-heroic” character, in the group, seeming to be either hopelessly naïve or constantly mugging for a good photo op. Similarly, a Sunstreak Super-Scientist might be the crazy scientist field testing a new gadget or researching whatever strangeness the other characters are encountering.

    “Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.”
    Jasper Fforde, The Big Over Easy