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Trinity Continuum Kickstarter Questions

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  • Trinity Continuum Kickstarter Questions

    Is there a list of upcoming Kickstarter projects for the Trinity game lines which is viewable by the public?

    I'm hoping for something along the lines of the names of the books, in an order their Kickstarters are expected to run, and a rough time frame those campaigns are expected to take place.

    I'd love to be able to set reminders for when to expect a campaign is going to run on the books/games which interest me, and in these peri-apocalyptic times it would be nice to be able to budget funds for Kickstarter campaign support.

    If such a list doesn't exist, why doesn't it?

  • #2 has pretty much all the upcoming books. (I don't think the newest one announced is on there yet.)

    As for Kickstarters, They've only Kickstarted the core books. So, the TC core book, TC:Aeon, and TC:Aberrant. I would expect the next on to be TC:Adventure! and then after that will probably be TC:Anima, depending on how big Anima is.


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      I reallly really really want TC Adventure!. And I hope its somewhat soon though I have no knowledge of such things.


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        Ok, so. Keep in mind that all of the following is based on outside observation from a fan and is in no way an official statement from Onyx Path.

        We good?

        Based on the current Monday Meeting notes, Adventure! is in Second Draft state and the Cover has been finished. They seem to prefer for books to be mostly though the next stage, Development, before they do the Kickstarter. Additionally, while they have the Cover finished, there’s been no word on the state of the other art and they like to have at least a few finished pieces they can show off during the KS.

        Furthermore, they just started the KS for They Came From Beyond The Grave! yesterday, so they probably won’t start another for four or five weeks.

        What does this mean for Adventure!?

        If everything goes well, I still would be surprised to see the KS go up before September. I think it’s entirely possible for it to start this year. That said, they have a lot of gamelines and they usually don’t do more then like 10 KSs in a year, so it also depends on what else is in the KS queue.

        If you want to stay up to date, check the Monday Meeting articles they post every Monday night. Alternately you can subscribe to their Twitter and it will notify you about all KSs, new releases, and other OP news.



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          I'm truly hungry for the Adventure! Kickstarter.