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How does Storypath handle horror games?

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  • How does Storypath handle horror games?

    I know the system is supposed to simulate action movies and similar, but how do you all think it handles horror and mystery genres? Is there anything I should keep in mind when GM'ing such games?

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    This may be a better question to ask in the ‘They Came From’ And ‘Dystopia Rising’ threads of the ‘Partner’ forum areas -

    Trinity Continuum hasn’t really looked at Storypath for horror use yet.

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      Also Scion with it getting a Mythos supplement.

      Though really, "horror" and "mystery" are extremely broad categories.

      TC doesn't focus on horror, but there's lots of horror-type scenarios you can do without any really issue. Take some core book normal humans, add in some Aeon tech, have tem crew a starship that discovers a new form of life, let the Alien rip off commence.

      TC just isn't going to go for direct supernatural horror, or playing as the monster like the WoD/CofD do.