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Careful aim and the Sniper Edge

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  • Careful aim and the Sniper Edge

    The level two ability for the sniper edge reads, "Double the Enhancement your character would normally gain on an attack for taking the time to carefully aim." This implies that there is a normal Enhancement that a character would receive when taking the time to aim carefully, but I can't find it. Is this just an Enhancement stunt that you can purchase by rolling an aim carefully action? Or does the edge refer to your weapon's Enhancement? Or is there a set Enhancement for aiming that I'm just not seeing?

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    No, there is no official answer for the “aiming carefully”.

    What you may find in the rules is using an enhancement stunt to give enhancements to yourself, as long it’s using another skill. I use this as “aiming carefully”, pick an skill that would help you to aim, like science for a long shot, or survival to aim on moving animals or empathy to aim on walking people, and use the extra successes to buy enhanced stunts that grants successes on your next shot, what would be doubled in this condition.

    Another option, that is more house rule than the previous, is to create an Aim skill trick that grants enhancements when you spend an action aiming (that are doubled by the edge).

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      Thanks. I thought I might be missing something, the first option is what I was thinking was the most likely answer, more or less, but it would be nice to have special abilities be more clear and less open to interpretation.