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Combining Teras and Qǐ Mēng/Enlightenment

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  • Combining Teras and Qǐ Mēng/Enlightenment

    Hiya, I am addressing this as part of a high-powered solo gaming experience with a different system. PC is an extradimensional being on a multiverse quest for endless adventure that brings them to many different fictional settings, typically OP superheroic, fantasy, shonen anime, space opera, or modern occult ones. They started human, but evolved into a godlike entity as a result of accumulated power and knowledge. They usually end up being one of the most powerful beings in the universes they visit, but prefer to work with local resources except as a last resort. They reincarnate into a member of the local population but keep meta-knowledge of the setting and recover their memories as they grow back into adulthood. They are an amoral, sociopathic being, but besides questing for ever more power, adventure, knowledge, hedonist pleasure, and tourist fun, they like to make the worlds they visit better and play the benevolent hero and savior by their definition.

    When they enter the Aberrant universe, they quickly evolve into an extremely powerful nova, with Q5, N5, maximized quantum pool and recovery, most of the Mega-Attributes at 5 and none less than 3, most of the enhancements and maximized quantum powers that concern personal abilities (esp. physical and mental ones), body control, travel, and manipulation of matter, energy (esp. fire and electricity), biology, telekinesis/gravity, and entropy. They got mental and social manipulation abilities as well, but not as developed or frequently used. They strive and manage to avoid being bound by any theme for their abilities narrower than that. Being aware of the dangers of Taint, they try and manage to avoid all but a few cosmetic (false) aberrations and minor mental flaws. They are in all likelihood the second most powerful nova in the world, mightier (or at least much more versatile) than Cestus Pax and not so distant from Divis Mal, even if they have yet to breach the Q6+ threshold or match Mal's intensity and variety of abilities. According to their perspective, Mal and the Teragen are basically right about humanity and society (no amount of persuasion or manipulation can convince them otherwise) and they are mostly sympathetic to their cause, but thanks to their meta-knowledge, they are not blind to the flaws of their ideology and movement.

    From their perspective, Taint and Aberrations are at best an undesirable side effect of an imperfect evolutionary process that can be channeled and recycled to a constructive end. It is perfectly possible and desirable to achieve godlike transcendence w/o suffering their negative effects. Alienation from baselines is a relatively negligible concern as long as it does not make interaction impossible. They regard using nova abilities to better the world (like Utopia does) and/or trading services with baselines (as Elites do) as worthwhile pursuits, but strictly on the nova's terms and in ways that do not harm their safety, agency, and evolution. They have nothing but boundless loathing for Proteus, the Doyen, and baseline or alien puppet-masters that plot to harm, exploit, or enslave novas, and plan for their destruction or marginalization. Their long-term goals for the Aberrant setting involve evolution and outbreeding replacement of humanity and compatible alien species with a population of self-sufficient, godlike novas (and possibly psions, although they regard it as the inferior evolutionary path) that spread out to colonize the universe and live in a post-scarcity anarchist utopia. They are willing to pursue subjugation of baseline humanity and hostile alien species by benevolent nova overlords as an intermediate step to this goal. They frown on unnecessary suffering and waste, though.

    As part of their plans, they aim to restore/improve fertility in the nova population at large, support Mal's efforts to cause ever more eruptions and keep the metaphysical environment nova-friendly, reform Teras into something less Taint-friendly, and change the Teragen accordingly. They decided a good way to create Teras 2.0 is to combine Teras 1.0 and Qǐ Mēng into a gainful synthesis with the Taint suppression of Enlightenment and the evolution control of Chrysalis. Likewise, they wish to combine the call to moderation of Qǐ Mēng and the empowerment drive of Teras 1.0. They are aware of the philosophical and metaphysical conflicts between the two methods, but they are confident they can reconcile them into a working synthesis. They are hopeful they can win over Mal, the Sifu, and most Teragen and Qǐ Mēng practitioners to their approach, but they are prepared to fight off and eliminate opposition in their own version of the Night of the Long Knives if need be. Down the line, they aim to get their method embraced by most novas as a path to guide their evolution and avoid or cure Taint. They wish to avert the Aberrant War if possible, but are prepared to fight and win it if necessary, since they are aware any damage it shall cause is ultimately recoverable in a few decades at most, more so if novas stay around to help reconstruction. In any case, they deem necessary to save or purge Taint-maddened novas, end any nova-baseline conflict with novas in control of humanity as a source pool of their kind, fight off the Doyen and their manipulations, and evolve into an interstellar civilization.
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