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  • Adventure! - help a noob player

    My character is a daredevil with Ability Mastery in firearms (12d10 attack roll) and I got the ''Eagle Eyes'' and ''Trick Shot'' knacks.

    About long-range penalties, the maximum long-range penalty you can get in a play is +2? Usually this penalty occurs when you try to hit a target at the maximum limit of your weapon's range or beyond?

    On the Trick Shot knack, from how much difficulty penalty would a play be considered eligible for using Trick Shot? Can this knack be used in Multiple Actions (shooting more than 1 enemy, shooting then taking cover)?

    Second. Can I combo both Eagle Eyes and Trickshot Knacks? How would you apply the two halves of the difficulty penalties?

    Could you exemplify a combat situation using both these 2 Knacks?

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    I'm going to try to answer your questions, but totally from memory as I am mid move and away from my 1e stash.

    1) Yes. I always ran trick shot to allow for use with multiple shots. But, try not to just use the power a a numerical advantage. You should be able to reasonably describe whatever your character is doing in terms of some sort of trick, and not just being really good at shooting everybody. At least that's always how I ran it.

    2) Eagle Eyes could half the range modifier, and then Trickshot could half what ever was added by the the trick (so functionally all the remaining difficulty).

    3) Example in use (with spit balled numbers numbers, because again no book): You character sees on the horizon four glider-men swooping down from an in coming war-blimp. With exceptional sight and expert skill he snaps off four quick shots intended to snap each glider-man's saftey harness. GM gives you a +2 difficulty for range, and a +3 difficulty for the size of your targets. Eagle eyes cuts the +2 to +1 and Trick shot cuts the remaining +4 to +2 for a total of +3. (I can't remember if Trick shot gave extra dice, or just cut difficulties. I am assuming no extra dice) You'll roll 3 dice for each shot, but you'll need 4 successes each to pull of this awesome trick. Might be tough without stunt dice or some other help. On the other hand, it you were trying this with only one shot it be a much easier shot for your character to make.