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    Using Terra Firma as an example, it took 16 months from First Draft to the .pdf Advanced copy becoming available.
    5/6/19- First showed up in First Draft on MMN
    8/19/19- Moved to 2nd Draft (skipped Redlines)
    10/7/19- Moved to Manuscript Approval stage
    11/11/19- Moved to Editing
    9/16/20 - release of the Advanced copy PDF

    Note that Terra Firma skipped Redlines, Development, and Post-Approval Development on the MMN. This doesn't mean they skipped them internally, but they weren't shown on the released status updates.

    Using that as the example, with Prometheus Unbound first arriving listed in First Draft stage on 7/13/20, that puts its PDF release in November 2021. There are obviously a lot of factors at play but from an outsider's perspective alone it appears we've got some waiting and enjoying of our currently-available content.

    Maybe we'll get pleasantly surprised and see it by next summer! In the meantime, we've still got Mission Statements and Under Alien Suns forthcoming to expand the Continuum.


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      What an interesting timeline of events. That said I hope it doesn't take to next year for us to get Prometheus Unbound, especially with how they have been talking about it.

      Of course, if it does, well, it is what it is.
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        Redlines tend to be a pretty quick stage for books that aren't massive cores. Once the text is finalized, unless there's a reason for any major last-minute changes the big wait comes from contracting and acquiring the art (at least, to the best of my understanding of the process).

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