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  • Dice?

    Are there any custom dice for story teller that use dots for sux, instead of numbers?

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    Not sure if it’s what you are asking, but VtM5 have some special dice, but in TC you have Target Number 7 or 8, according to the tier, so it don’t work properly.

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      Not that I'm aware of; and such dice would be of limited utility. That said, I could see doing a customer set of dice that use both numbers and icons on each face: something like 0 being superimposed on a red explosion icon, 1 being superimposed on a black explosion, 2 through 6 being just numbers, and 7 through 9 being superimposed on blue explosions. That way, you've got your botches, successes, and roll-agains highlighted (the blacks, blues, and reds), but if you use a system that carries the success or roll-again thresholds, you still have the option to ignore the icons and go with the numbers.


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        Thanks, looked at the vtm5, not going to work. Found a company that can do it for 2.50 per diem, nope. So I settled on blank dice I can customize my self. Not bad for 0.30 a die.