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[Aberrant] Transcendence and cost reductions

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  • [Aberrant] Transcendence and cost reductions

    "A nova can purchase a nova trait (Mega- Attribute, Mega-Edge, or Quantum Power) for half the normal Experience cost, if the nova also takes a point of Transcendence at that time. This applies both during character creation and later during character advancement."

    Does that mean for 1 dot/level or each dot is half off? For example if I'm buying 3 dots of Quantum Attack and gaining transcendence am I paying 30 or 18?

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    It’s per dot, so 30. To reduce to 18 you would need to gain 3 Transcendence.

    But there is a good chance that the Transcendence cost reduction was reduced and Transformations were the tool to reduce the cost.

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