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What new books are planned for the Aberrant line?

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    Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
    It occurs to me that it would be interesting to have something which explored unconventional setting options. While these kind of things are easier to come up with in futuristic sci like Æon or classic pilp like Adventure! (alien worlds and various hidden realms, respectively), it is a bit different in a sci fi superhuman setting like Aberrant which lacks a lot of the traditional tropes of four color comics. So I think it would be nice to have something which talked about having Nova characters who are mainly focused on exploring or living in the deep oceans, Antarctica, space stations, moon bases, Mars colonies, astroid mining facilities and the like.

    Yes, I agree. I would really enjoy a setting focused on the crew of an out-bound starship. A group of Novas, human support crew, and the galaxy to explore. Novas an other specialists might go on scouting or other "away" missions ahead of the major vessel. Deal with aliens, explore planets, seed life, etc.

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      One of you had a great idea (or maybe it was canon) about the Directive hiring Elites to take out medium level Novas and on their own compromise or kill low level ones. By the time the Aberrant War rolled around, perhaps there were not enough sane high level novas and the ones that were around got the feeling that they weren't so welcome.

      Speaking of, there was a fun Exalted what-if source book. 1) I'd go for a "what if the Chinese did launch their fusion weapons? Most of earth was destroyed but some of it got real, real weird - temporal shifts, soft spots between this and other parallel worlds, marauding robots, friendly dinosaurs, vampiric Nova despots, a Shangri-La or two, a sprawling underground kingdom of mutants and one really, really big city.
      2) I don't like the Injustice games so much but I love the concept. A sourcebook of "what if the aberrants turned earth into a dystopia/utopia?" would be fun. Megacites, behavioral control through technology, clean but hollow everything, genetic caste system and a plucky bunch of freedom fighters made up of Talents, Psiads and Novas who call themselves the Aberrants. Meanwhile, the Novas atop society (the Archons) are fighting a mysterious threat in the Doyens and various alien species they corrupt to take on humans and our inspired variants.