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  • Terra Firma print copy

    Hey Trinity community,

    With Terra Firma in print, I recalled the product page on Drive Thru as stating that if you purchased the PDF then you'd receive a coupon for a reduced cost print version once it was available. Does anyone else remember seeing this? I contacted Drive Thru and they asked where I read about the coupon. I thought it was on the Terra Firma page but it's changed since the POD option showed up.

    Am I misremembering? I figured the group on here was my best shot at someone else in the community either seeing it also or telling me I'm mistaken.

    Thanks either way!

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    I got an email with a link for premium and standard print discounts.

    It was sent by DTRPG Wednesday entitled “Trinity Continuum: Terra Firma Print Coupon!”

    I didn’t test the links to be honest, but it is saved for later.

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      Make sure:
      - you have your DTRPG settings set so that publishers (or at least Onyx Path) is allowed to send you email.
      - the email is not in your spam folder

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        There is no email from DTRPG in my spam. I just checked my DTRPG profile and had to add Onyx Path as accepting emails.

        I will try to contact DTRPG customer service again with this info and see if they can help. Their last email was "sorry we have no record of this coupon"


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          I just realized that I too did not get my Print Coupon for Terra Firma. I contacted DriveThruRPG support and they told me the Publisher has to resolve the issue there is nothing they can do about it. So what do I need to do to resolve this?