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  • [Æon] Formatting Bioware

    Given that Bioware can readily be formatted at facilities worldwide, would the person performing the procedure be more like a smartphone sales clerk or the doctor at an eyeglass store? At most, they may need a pinprick of blood to get your DNA for the formatting procedure, and they may even be able to get that through a mouth swab. Your bioware dying because they screwed up the procedure would be like a clerk dropping your iPhone.

    I figure this info could be useful for a psiad who wants the benefit of formatted bioware, but is paranoid about being discovered and would prefer to perform the procedure themself. It could even make for an interesting Role Path.

    Example Connections: early adopters, Orgotek sales rep, off the books customers (criminal ties)
    Skills: Medicine*, Persuasion, Science, Technology*
    Edges: Increased Tolerance, Library, Ms. Fix it, Skilled Liar**, Wealth

    *Professional biotech formatters must take at least one dot in Medicine or Technology, since operating the specialized formatting equipment is literally their job.

    *They are selling a product, after all.
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    It’s funny but initially when I read Aberrant Manuscript I was thinking about Attunement in the same way BioWare formatting work, basically the item is made to you and you only can use it, and I took some time to set my mind to “just focus for some time”, or even that it’s possible to steal someone’s else item.
    Now when I think formatting Bioware I think “hold the item for a while and it’s ready” and it’s not the case.

    Anyway, the idea is interesting. The guy was working formatting items to people and spending a part of the money on formatting items on himself until he noticed he could format more items them usual and went to test his latency.

    No he works developing bioware instead of formatting to people.

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