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  • [Æon] Abuhisi Space Station

    So my physical copy of Terra Firma arrived yesterday to much rejoicing. But before I even opened the book I saw the station on the cover and was instantly in love, hehe. I have since learned it is the Abuhisi Space Station that sits on the top of the Mount Kenya Space Elevator in the UAN.

    What makes the station really interesting to me is that its design could easily fit a world without artifiical gravity technology. The center piece, which is probably a docking bay, could house a rotating cylinder. The outer rings, which are probably solar panels could in theory serve as rotating habitat rings. The rear rings could be agricultural bays and the back section could be an engine compartment.

    Basically, the station could totally be a colony ship or a free range space station.

    I'm posting this thread because I just wanted to share how cool I think the design is and how interesting it could be if it was used as a sort of interstellar colony ark in a world without the artificial gravity creating grav plating.

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    I like to think what would be the view of the space elevator while it climbs up. Just watching the Earth getting smaller until you find yourself in space, that all without the shacking of a launch.

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