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Best Online Tabletop program for Aeon

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  • Best Online Tabletop program for Aeon

    Are there any of the online solutions that include the Trinity continuum?

    I have tried a few with no luck. I know that Roll20 and Astral do not, for example.

    I'd really love a site that had, at least, fully integrated and fillable character sheets.

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    I'm a big fan of Roleplay Online :

    You'll have to provide your own sheets, but it has a wide variety of dice rollers for various games and it's also free.


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      Thanks! I just like the integrated features in Roll20 and wish there was a way to use it for Trinity. Sigh.


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        It takes some work, but I'm using Tabletop Simulator on Steam to run Aeon.

        It's not easier to use than Roll20, but having tactile components for counting momentum and other character resources is useful. It is also great to just have a bunch of numbered tokens that track enhancement, complications and scale that I can just put on top of a note card.

        I don't know if this has changed, but I chose Tabletop Sim because Roll20 didn't have an Trinity character sheet.


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          You can upload PDFs as images in Roll20, and unless I'm wrong, the only interactive part of the character sheet that you really need is for damage and conditions and you can use the Scion sheet for that. Multiple pages of the character sheet would be multiple images/handouts. They can be linked to on the main character sheet.

          Then a macro for the dice and a custom deck for momentum. Not a crazy amount of work to get going and visually ok to look at.