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  • In the Future Talents...Become Captain Future

    I had an amusing realization. In the Trinity core, you get the fact that novas more or less evolve beyond this universe, charting out their individual paths of transcendence.
    Psions... well they evolve, but a lot of psions eventually seem to become hive minds or disembodied intelligences.

    Talents don't get that. They get increasing luck and the ability to tell the universe "no, you" beyond even Mercer... but they don't transcend.

    And it struck me--Talents are the space opera guys. They are these incredible, superhumans, who even so, remain human. They're the future fo Edmund Hamilton, Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, rather than the more transhuman futures envisioned by later generations of writers.

    MAybe not a big thought, but it gave me a chuckle.

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    I can see it. They are the humans who are just a bit MORE than us. They are just a bit better in every way. They are the ones we read about in those books and go 'oh cool, look at the adventure they are having'.

    So yeah, I can totally see this.

    Honestly, in some ways this level of power (the Talents/Daredevil, Stalwart, Mesmerist level) is much easier to handle in terms of setting prediction. Mostly because while these people can do a bit more they do it in fundamentally human ways.