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    So I was just thinking about a LITRPG type setting where where a person gets transported to it or is naturally from a world where there are panels and systems and rule mechanics that can be seen. Basically, in such worlds the characters can think "character sheet" and in their mind's eye appears a character sheet with attributes, abilities, talents, skills, knacks, boons, equipment, notes, etc etc.

    That is not Trinity, even in Anima from what I have heard there isn't an actual character sheet that the character can access in-game.

    And that is okay.

    Buuut it led me to a thought. What if there was a Nova power (probably Mega-Edge), Psion/Psiad psychic edge, or Talent Gift that actually represented someone focusing deep within themselves to create a visual representation in a mechanical rpg format of their underlying nature. The universe doesn't naturally have stats but due to the way they manifested the power they see things statted out. This could be done using either direct Trinity rules for this visualization or creating a modified one that showcases similar things but maybe in a different way.

    Of course once one person (nova, talent, psion) develops this I could see some training leading to others learning about it as well. I could also see noetic tech or biotech being created to provide even baselines and neutrals with their own mechanical Visualization.

    This could lead to a very interesting changed world.