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[Aberrant] - Quantum Attack/Aura Power Tags Questions

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  • [Aberrant] - Quantum Attack/Aura Power Tags Questions

    Hi there! Occasional lurker, rare poster. Been poking around Aberrant 2e, love it.

    Right, so quantum powers can have Power Tags bought for them (in addition to the "free-per-dot" ones for QA). But there aren't a lot of clear rules or direction about what specifically is or isn't allowed on certain powers, aside from obvious stuff (armor tags on attacks is silly). Two specific examples I've hit a wall on:

    Quantum Attack: it's an attack. You can slap all sorts of effects on it for range, AOE, etc. But I'm unclear if Duration (Instant) is listed just because Duration is on all of the powers but assumed to be static, or if it's something you could affect with something like the Duration power tag. Could you for example, slap a couple Duration tags on there, bumping it up to a Maintained DoT type thing?

    Quantum Aura: Personal sheathe damage is pretty neat, I love this. Is is possible to assign either Range or Area tags to it, to increase the AoE? It seems like Range would be applied between the two, going on rules for explosives (Range increasing the range bands it covers), but I might be overthinking this.

    I know we don't have the "final" final version yet, but it's hard not to be excited about this setting, they really nailed it imo. Thanks for any input/thoughts/etc!

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    Quantum Attack: Yes you can add duration, not sure how the mechanics work. My approach would be, you can attack anything for the duration without paying for the extra attacks, but if you stop attacking for even a round you have to restart and pay again. But it is definitely unclear.

    Quantum Aura: You can add Area tag to the power, and it’s a great idea for a very destructive effect. It is not range because the range would change the center of the effect, not the distance from source effect (the aura would be centered somewhere other than the character, instead of affecting a larger area around the character). Adding range would be interesting too, maybe the power of creating a quantum aura that moves around and damage what it touch (indirect damage) instead or a quantum attack that is launched from the character (direct damage).

    Edit: Adding armor to the attack can be a weird effect, but may be explained, imagine two guys attacking each other with Kamehamehas, they are kind of blocking each other, like a armor would. For instant attacks it would have a felling of quantum deflection, pretty weird... something to think about...
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