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TC Diagram for Noetic/Flux/Quantum potential

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  • TC Diagram for Noetic/Flux/Quantum potential

    I have been going back and forth for a while on putting together a diagram and a recent forum topic had a couple mentions of doing a Venn diagram, which gave the push to finally spent some time on it. Thought I would post it in case it is useful to anyone else and if you see something missing or incorrect let me know. Visuals are always helpful to me for things like this.
    A few caveats:
    • The diagram does not denote population sizes for each group (just trying to fit everything without getting the font super small).
    • I am making a difference between baselines and baselines with the correct genetic potential. While I haven’t seen it explicitly spelled out anywhere, I feel the text infers that (but it is just my opinion/headcanon).
    • I am not including anything for Stewarts, or Mesmerists since we don’t have anything on them for 2nd edition yet.

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    Talents are (probably) not genetic; we don't know enough about them to be sure.

    The Noetic pathway consists solely of what's in Latency and Gateway. Psions consist solely of Latency; and there are no latents who aren't (nascent) psions. Conversely, psiads cover the whole of the intersection of Gateway and Latency.


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      While I agree we don't have very good info on how talents work, the Superiors write-up mentions that it creates superiors 75% of the time and talents 25% (well heavily implies that they are talents). I only overlapped the talents circle since it isn't the only way a talent is created. I stretched the Psions into the cross-section of both Latency and Gateway due to the mention that a psiad or someone who can become a psiad can go thru the Promethean chambers and become a psion as well.


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        Well, I understand how you are describing, but there is no Genetic potential that is not for one of the 3 (at least on what we are discussing), so the Genetic potential shade should be only the 4 circles (quantum, flux, latency and gateway). Also, that’s a bit techical but, as the humans are the universe represented by the diagram, there is no need for the big circle of neutrals/baseline, basically everyone out of the other circles are natural/baselines (basically, the gray background is representing a part of human population that is not Neutral nor have a genetic potential). That’s my engineer mind talking too loud, sorry.

        My suggestion on the Nakamura process and Prometheus is to make them vectors instead of circles, they pick people from one place and move them to another place in the diagram.

        Prometheus moves from Latency (including Psiads) to the intersection with Gateway, creating a circle that is only inside it the intersection that are the Psions.

        The Nakamura process moves a person from Quantum Pathway that is not a nova the Superiors circle. The talents that pop up during the process are people that didn’t have the genetic potential to erupt, but were mistakenly detected because they had the genetic potential to be Talents.

        Agree on Dataweaver that Psiads are the entire intersection of Latency and Gateway, but you could differentiate “active” Psiads from “yet to learn their condition” Psiads. The intersection would be composed by the moved people (Psions), Psiads and the not yet awaken (that are the rest of the intersection).

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          I am of the opinion Everyone is a Latent Talent. Some people just have other options


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            As has been mentioned elsewhere, in the context of Trinity Continuum latency has a very specific meaning. It has to do with having power. People with latency cannot manifest their powers on their own. They need a Prometheus chamber to do that. In contrast, what's called a gateway in this Venn diagram is having the aptitude to manipulate Noetic energy; you don't need a Prometheus chamber for that, you either have it or you don't. Potential scions have latency. Potential science have latency and gateway. there has been some discussion in another Thread about people who just have gateway.

            You cannot combine latency or Gateway with quantum. I'm pretty sure you can't combine any of those three with Flux either.

            My own preference would be that no one is guaranteed latency, gateway, or quantum. But what everyone in the Trinity Continuum ought to have is a rudimentary access to Flux. That is, Dramatic Editing for everybody; but paid for by most using Momentum, and at a cost where Talents still have the edge.