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So, anyone play around with crossovers?

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  • So, anyone play around with crossovers?

    Other games, or other properties? I was thinking, since some of my friends are big macross fans, os a macross crossover, with the SDF arriving a few years before the Galatea event (or possibly even being the thing that sparks the event, rather than Mal's actions).

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    I don't know that Anime, but I do know that people do that kind of thing. I vaguely remember a webpage on something like that. So you will get some yeses.


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      Macross is one of the classics of anime, from the 80s. A mangled version of it appeared in the States as part of Robotech. It's what popularized the idea of transformable mecha.


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        And along with Gundam, moved mecha out of the "super robot" genre. Rick didn't fly ULTRA VALKYRIE MEGA! the robot built by his father, before he was murdered by the agents of RUST, and can shatter armies...

        he flew VF-01 Serieal number fill in the blank, a model identical to all of his squadron mates. (Gundam had no dubbed version in America and came out just long enough before Macross that the animation is a bit dated, which is why it's not as widely known).

        But yeah, the crossover potential is pretty high--or hell, at some point just an AU where the Doyen decide to take out humanity and send one of their pawns against us.


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          Yeah. The Valkyries were Core Tech, not Nova Tech.