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  • Fillable Nova Character PDF

    I've seen plenty of Excel and Google Drive character sheets for novas, but does anyone know of or has anyone made a fillable pdf character sheet for novas? I've seen plenty for Talents and a few for Psions, but none for Novas.

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    There will probably be one when it is released. I think OPP generally releases a fillable PDF version when they release a book.


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      Yes, Aberrant isn't even out yet; when it is, we'll release a character sheet.

      Ian A. A. Watson
      Onyx Path Community Manager
      Trinity Continuum Content Lead


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        The backers got it THAT far ahead of the actual release? Well never mind then.


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          Originally posted by The Free Man View Post
          The backers got it THAT far ahead of the actual release? Well never mind then.
          Time between backer release and general release often depends on the amount of errata at the backer release stage. As I understand it, there were a considerable number of errata suggestions, including some identifying areas that could be further clarified before the game is released.

          This is a new version of a game with a passionate fanbase. Onyx Path and everyone involved (including backers) want it to be as polished and clear as it can be.

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            That's completely understandable. Any chance of any kind of official character sheet for Psiads and Superiors?


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              Yes, what John said!