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Biokinesis scale question

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  • Biokinesis scale question

    Can you use biokinesis to increase size scale or might scale for lifting? I’m thinking possibly but would need level six fleshcrafter and then limited to 1 maybe 2 at seventh level? Thoughts?

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    With the 6-dot powers, yes. You can increase aspects of the power by one factor. If the power you’re influencing includes Size or Might as factors, you can increase their Scale by 1.

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      Actually, Imbue Instinct (Transmogrify 5) allow you to increase or decrease your scale by 1, what would turn into 2 on the 6th dot, as Bunyip suggested.

      The psion can also use any previous Transmogrify power to alter her Size down to Size 0 (medium-sized dog or large raccoon) or up to Size 2 (large grizzly bear or draft horse).
      Page 216, second half of the last paragraph of the dot description.

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