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How to make automatons with Aberrant craft rules?

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  • How to make automatons with Aberrant craft rules?

    Would the only way to make them be crafting a q-tech with the quantum agent power, or is there some other way?
    I plan to also have them mass produced as minions.

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    what do you want them to be able to do?

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      Originally posted by Bunyip View Post
      what do you want them to be able to do?
      They would be messengers, bodyguards, security guards and construction drones.


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        I would do it with Quantum Agent like you were suggesting. At rank 3, you can get Quantum Agent *** with Independent, Intrinsic, and Ramp Up (-3). They would take 3 rounds to power up, but then just keep going...It gets better if you go to Rank 4-5...Just remember you will have to adjust some if you want a bunch (either Multiple Agents tag quite a few times or changing the paradigm to Nova-Tech.)

        That being said by the rules you may be able to just invent it as Nova-Tech...That is up to the Storyguide and you.

        You would probably have to invent one for each function though (otherwise they would do it poorly).

        ***Edit *** the dots of Quantum Agent are limited to Rank. Sorry, I missed that one. So at Rank 5 you can have Quantum Agent ***** with Independent, Intrinsic and Ramp Up (-3) You could either make add power tags to take them out to Long or Extreme and/or add sensory link/memory absorption...They could still be made as Nova tech if necessary.
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          Depending on their capabilities, you could simply craft them as core tech or pheraps novatech. I mean, look at what Boston Dynamic can do now, and imagine what their drones could do after a Nova with MEgaint 3 and some of the design edges gives them a once over.