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[Core] Initial Enhancements in a Complex Actions

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  • [Core] Initial Enhancements in a Complex Actions

    I have a question about how to proceed when there are initial Enhancements in a Complex Action.

    For example:
    A computer programmer needs to create extremely complex and advanced software, and this task will take several rounds (or days), being an Extended Complex Action with 4 milestones. The programmer has “specialized equipment” that gives him +2 enhancements.

    Remembering that:
    “If a player rolls more successes than he needs to complete a milestone, he creates an Enhancement for his next roll attempt. This kind of Enhancement costs two successes to create. ” (Trinity Continuum Core Pag. 77)
    My question is: Is the “specialized equipment” Enhancement valid on EACH milestone? Like that.

    ...or is the “specialized equipment” Enhancement used only at the beginning of the Complex Action (first milestone)? Like that.

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    pretty sure that it applies to all applicable milestones. It may not apply to planning, or resource acquisition (that may be more Aberrant), but for most of the milestones it would likely apply.


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      Yeah, and remember all milestones don't have to be the same action. The first milestone could be planning the program, which may not count as applicable for specialized equipment, for example. It depends what the equipment is and if it can be used on any particular milestone's action.


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        I modeled the example as a Complex Action Extended, which according to the book is:

        “A task that takes a long period of time. She divides the task into two or more milestones and rolls the same dice pool for each milestone. The milestones occur in sequence. (Trinity Continuum Core Pag. 78)”
        In this case, the dice pool is the same.


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          Then yes, it would be applicable for each.


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            Although, I might argue you should use the super-science rules if it's going to be software beyond what is currently available. That would let you have various kinds of actions for the creation instead of the same roll for every milestone.


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              Yeah, I thought it was a super-science question...If it is complex normal tech, then it would apply to all.


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                Regular tech can be created as a complex action if it improves the game, for example coding something to disable the security system while it attacks the team, but regular tech don’t have all the other need the super science items have, like special materials and long milestones.

                Honestly I would change the difficulties of Superscience creation to 3 Ranks 1 or 2, 4 ranks 3 and 4, 5 ranks 5 and 6, and so on, so regular tech would have difficulty 1, maybe 2 for the most complex regular tech. The number of milestones stay the same, though.

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