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Basic NPC stats for opposed rolls

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  • Basic NPC stats for opposed rolls

    NPCs in the Continuum supplements have stat blocks for types of actions, such as Police Work 8 indicating total dice pool. However, players often have powers or effects that require rolling against a specific stat and the majority of the time it is a stat for an NPC that isn't detailed because of the build mentioned above.

    This seems like a system oversight and I was wondering how others handled this. When I ran a modern Talent game I would just mentally guess at an appropriate stat level and now as a player in an Aeon game it often comes up when I'm using Psionic powers on NPCs and their stats are never listed.

    Thoughts and opinions?

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    There is a side bar that just tell what to do (half of the relevant dice pool is skill and other half is attribute).

    It’s not really oversight, it’s just simplified, if you really need to state a full character it gets complicated to have more than a few characters.

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      I halve the pool, usually, assuming half the pool comes from the ability and half comes from the attribute. It makes things easier.


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        I use the same system of halving the dicepool since I started playing V:tR.
        I rounf down or up, if it´s a baseline it´s rounding down, if not, it´s rounding up.

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