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[Aberrant] Advance PDF Updated on DriveThruRPG - Possible Quantum Agent Table Error

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  • [Aberrant] Advance PDF Updated on DriveThruRPG - Possible Quantum Agent Table Error

    I received a notice yesterday from DriveThruRPG that the PDF provided to Kickstarter backers was updated, and it appears to incorporate some good clarifications and changes from the errata compilation. I did notice that the Secondary and Desperation Action Pool numbers in the table for the Quantum Agent Power presented on p. 217 still appear to be incorrect. The numbers diverge from the calculation guidance provided in the text beginning with the fourth Rating dot. Either the calculation guidance or table probably need to be updated. All the other columns appear correct, although Initiative isn’t listed in the table. I’m not sure if this can be changed at this point, but it appears to be a relatively straightforward fix. I tried submitting as an errata, but it must have been missed (or I’m misinterpreting something). Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place to post this, but I’m hoping it may be noticed by one of the developers.

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    It's off to be published. It won't be changed now. However, I think the table's numbers are better and easier to reference. I'd hate to have 5 dots in a power to create something with a Secondary Pool of 5 and a Desperation Pool of 2 with not a big amount of Health for Defense.


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      Thanks for the response.


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        So something I just noticed. Mega-speed now says it works for Runny, swimming, and climbing. No mention of flight yet space travel still uses mega-speed to boost space flight speeds.