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[Aberrant] Backer PDF Update: Some praise for the devs

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  • [Aberrant] Backer PDF Update: Some praise for the devs

    The updated Scale chart is so much better and clearer, and looks prettier with the different color scheme. Y'all did a really, really good job and I'm really impressed. Thank you so much.

    The Q-Tech rules are also MUCH clearer and the quick-start characters now match up.

    Also, the quick antagonist rules for novas have been fixed to make nova adversaries much more impressive.

    Toughness has been brought in line with Quantum Field and Quantum Attack. Quantum Deflection is simpler and more useful. Defense is notably better as well.

    So, basically, this...fixes basically every single major issue I had with the previous PDF. I'm really happy and appreciate the extra effort from the staff, especially while dealing with such a stressful year.

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    Agree 100% with Zeea. Looking forward to the next TC Kickstarter.

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      My largest complaint was this dropped on a Monday when I run games on Wednesday.

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        Everything Zeea said. Y'all did the best you could with a tough situation between giving too many examples re: Scale, and not enough. I have questions, but they are nitpicky, and probably easier to figure out than I'm afraid of. The Mega-Edges walk the line between "mandatory" and "overpriced", putting them squarely where they need to be and making players budget their XP for selection. Putting Skills first was a long overdue rehaul, the rehaul of Attributes is greatly appreciated, and Scale is, hands down the killer app that should make this game smooth and playable.


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          Was there a new backers PDF update?


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            Available in DRRPG. Just check the updated titles in your library.

            Its the final PDF, now they are probably working on the printing and POD.

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              I agree. It's a great product when my biggest complaint is all the power tags aren't bookmarked in the PDF, only Impose Power for some reason.


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                Still flipping though this, now that I'm aware it came out. But so far I'm liking it. Mega-attributes are now finally worth something other than just scaling issues!


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                  I'm not really sure I understand the mega-attributes thing? I don't think there's much change between them in this one and the previous backer copy other than mild adjustments to Mega-Stamina and Mega-Resolve.

                  Or maybe folks are talking about the difference between this and the pre-formatting draft released during the Kickstarter itself? I'm mostly talk about the final changes over the past couple of months or so.